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Recovery Strategies For Your Mind – Part 5: Time Pressure

One of the most frustrating things about fitting in training around work and social commitments is having your favourite break-through session planned for the morning and then realising your assumed 90-minute slot is really a hectic 45-minute session followed by what feels like a 90% chance of stress induced pulmonary implosion as you leg it for the train minutes after a monstrous run set.

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Recovery Strategies For Your Mind – Part 4: Losing or Maintaining Bodyweight

Concern about bodyweight is a psychological issue I would aver affects every single athlete. The motivations for losing or maintaining a certain weight can be wide ranging but I fear there is a great deal of confusion out there as to how to go about it. Unfortunately, the safest approaches take time and with many unwilling to commit to long-term change, they resort to more extreme methods, the consequences of which, can be extremely hazardous.

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