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Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training

In our opinion, every athlete should follow some form of strength and conditioning programme that compliments their other training.  Our personal training sessions are designed to provide our clients not only with a fantastic individual training experience, but we tailor them to the athlete’s individual characteristics, training phase and long-term athletic goals.

The first step for any potential new client is to contact us at [email protected] and we can arrange an Initial Consultation & Dynamic Screening.  During which, we will begin by discussing your goals and perceived areas for development.  We will then conduct the dynamic screening, which is a series of movements and strength tests to enable us to assess your areas for development and collaboratively prepare an action plan.

After the Initial Consultation, personal training sessions last for one hour and depending on your requirements, can be booked individually or should you want to save a bit of money, we sell blocks of sessions too.

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Dynamic Screening & 8-week Strength Plan

Want to build some strength and stability but don’t wish to commit to a full personal training relationship?  Our fully tailored strength programmes could be the solution.

As with our PT clients, we begin the process with a consultation to ascertain your goals and level of experience.  We then conduct a dynamic screening and strength tests, which involve a few movements and assessments to ascertain your stability, range of mobility and inherent strength.

In the final part of the session, we will run through key exercises we think should be included in your strength plan to ensure you know exactly what you are doing once in receipt of your strength plan.

After an initial 8-week plan, further plans are available for £30 per block, however, we really recommend a repeat screening every two blocks to determine progress and reassess your objectives.

George – Personal Training Client

Rich has been instrumental in helping me to lose over 3 stone and drastically improve my fitness and sense of well-being. I had previously been very active but with a busy career, had fallen well off the wagon. Rich not only has provided me with excellent training plans and coaching (as would be expected) but what really marks him out is his mental support and his help in making me focus on achieving my goals while being understanding and practical about life’s commitments. Rich helped me develop clear goals and helped me realise that my own health should be a priority in life. He has then continued to support me throughout all my training and is always there with advice and support. So cheers Rich – I really genuinely owe you an awful lot!