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Run Club & Prehab Strength

Run Club & Prehab Strength

Our run club is open to all abilities and the emphasis is always on having fun.  So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a total beginner looking to get into running or an experienced athlete looking for a structured session.

Our friendly and inclusive run club could be the thing that helps you achieve the consistency required to reach your goals.

Club Sessions

Monday Run Club

Monday evening’s popular run session is coached by Tanya (see coach profile below).  Its appeal lies in the fact it is simply a lovely group of people out there having fun.

How it works

Join Tanya via Zoom for the warm-up and activation of key muscle groups before you head out on your run. Each session has a specific focus and during the warm-up, Tanya will set out the structure for your self-lead 20min interval session. Runners will then re-group on Zoom at 6:30pm for the core section of the session, followed by a cool down.

All abilities are welcome, especially those new to running in need of a helping hand getting started.

Session start time: 6:00pm.

Prehab Strength Sessions

Do you suffer from constant niggles or have done so in the past? Or do you feel that you should be doing something strength related to keep injury free but are too busy running?! These short sessions are a great way to break up your day, keep you moving and prod you to do the prehab work you know deep down that you should be doing!

Our Prehab Strength class is 30-minutes and designed to focus on key areas for preventing running injuries.  Each session will work on flexibility, mobility and strength with an emphasis on evening out muscular imbalances.  No equipment is needed although resistance bands or light weights (including a backpack of books!) will help.

There are two sessions each week at 3pm: Wednesday’s session will focus on foot and ankle issues; and Friday’s on knee/hip/lower back niggles. For a complete prehab protocol, we would genuinely recommend attending both each week.

Coached via live video link, Tanya will walk you through the session, answer any of your questions and help you perform the exercises with correct form.

Please note that although these sessions are there to help prevent injury and aid in rehab, if you have constant / acute pain then it is always best to consult a physio or doctor first.



Run Club
(6:00pm – 7:00pm)


Prehab Strength – Feet & Ankle Issues
(3:00pm – 3:30pm)


Prehab Strength – Knee, Hip & Lower Back Issues
(3:00pm – 3:30pm)

Joining the sessions

Run Club

The Run Club is managed on a subscription basis directly through Tanya.  So, if you are interested in joining we strongly recommend getting in touch with her via the enquiry link below and arranging your free taster session.

Prehab Strength

Our Prehab Strength sessions are sold in blocks of 10-sessions and we’ve also thrown in free Run Club membership for the duration of the session package!  To purchase your 10-session pack of Prehab sessions, please go to our Shop.  Once you’ve purchased a package, please do then touch bases with Tanya via the enquiry link below and she’ll provide you with all the information you need to join the Monday Run Club sessions.

If you are not ready to commit to a full set of 10-sessions, it is possible to book onto sessions on an ad-hoc basis.  Simply go to our booking page and select the ‘Prehab Strength – Single Session‘ option from the drop down and follow the booking instructions.

The Coach


Tanya is the Run Club’s lead coach.  She is a qualified England Athletics running coach, Level 3 Personal trainer and Sports Massage Therapist.

Coming from a background in rehab and performance means she has experience helping a wide range of abilities, from athletes to beginners.  Her specialisms are in posture, hypermobility and strength and conditioning for endurance sports.

Tanya is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and ensuring you enjoy the process along the way. She is an approachable coach who will work with you to achieve long lasting change.  Her sessions focus on technique and functional exercises to help you regain your energy and ensure you feel confident in your daily life.  Her enthusiasm will help you push yourself to achieve measurable results.

Along with many personal successes as a runner and cyclist Tanya has experienced her own setbacks, linked to overtraining and poor biomechanics. She is now more passionate than ever to help others avoid common pitfalls and can empathise fully with the many frustrations that come from falling in and out of training.