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Triathlon & Endurance Sport Coaching

Triathlon & Endurance Sport Coaching

Life is complicated, it’s hectic and it’s exhausting…then you have to somehow fit training in!

At RIAK Fitness, our speciality is helping people find balance between their training and the rest of life’s stressors, whilst preparing them to achieve their triathlon/endurance sport ambitions.  We started as a triathlon coaching business and the principles upon which we began (Balance – Simplicity – Accessibility), still permeate everything we do.

Putting it simply, we offer training programmes tailored to how an individual athlete’s life works in reality, rather than trying to force the issue with an arbitrary or inflexible template.  The hope is that we can help each of our athletes to have the best possible chance of handling everything on their plate and achieve their performance goals.

We run two types of programme:

For the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, we are offering all our Squad Member and Defined Duration plans with free RIAK ONLINE cycling membership!

2020 Squad Membership

Squad Members benefit from a fully supervised plan with the focus being on developing them as an athlete over the long-term rather than being purely conditioning focused.

As part of their membership, Squad Members receive, amongst other things:

~ A bespoke plan building to their chosen A-race and beyond;

~ Prescription of their swim, cycle and run sessions designed to fit their schedule, fitness level and goals;

~ A strength programme to work alongside their endurance training made up of 6-8-week blocks periodized according to training phase;

~ x2 Dynamic Screenings per season to assess development and to assist with the tailoring of the next block of strength training;

~ x4 In-studio cycling Performance Testing sessions to set a baseline and monitor cycling progress;

~ x2 Video Swim Assessments to assess and track swim stroke development;

~ Unlimited email contact;

~ Monthly catch-up calls/meetings;

~ Membership of the RIAK Fitness race team;

~ A race day nutrition plan and race strategy; and

~ On-going advice regarding managing their training, nutrition and much more.

All of the above is available for £90pm.

Please note, other than those listed above, all other studio services are available separately.

Defined Duration Plans

These plans are designed for those that do not desire a full coaching relationship but would like a helping hand in building the foundations of a great season.

A Defined Duration plan is fully tailored to the individual athlete and their requirements, but the major difference with the Squad Membership being that once the planning and preparation is in place, the athlete resumes full responsibility for their adherence to the plan and the coach falls away.

One big benefit to a Defined Duration plan is that it is totally flexible and customisable.  By that we mean you can pick and choose which of the four triathlon elements (swim, bike, run and strength & conditioning) you would like to have included in your plan.  Dropping one or more of the elements will reduce the price so if you feel particularly confident in one or more of the disciplines, or have a strict budget, a Defined Duration Plan would be a good option for you.

One of the few requirements is that the plan be for a minimum of 12-weeks.

Please note, with a Defined Duration Plan, all studio services are available separately.

Sam – Squad Member

Previously I have been coached as part of a different triathlon training group, as well as self-coached, and have taken part in numerous triathlons; including several 70.3 races, Ironman Barcelona, and the Celtman Extreme Triathlon.

I’m taking part in Celtman again this year and wanted a more individualised and structured training programme to achieve my goals.  The thing I value most about RIAK Fitness’ training is that it is tuned-in and understands what I want to achieve.  The consistent structured feedback on sessions, and tailoring the training week to fit in with my lifestyle, is invaluable.  Their knowledge and insight into Training Peaks (the platform they use) adds a highly professional element to their coaching, and enables it to be tweaked, depending on training volume, and fatigue.  Benchmark testing helps to ensure I’m training to my current fitness levels, and allows sessions to be completed in the correct training zones.  As I’m coached remotely, the individualised programmes uploaded through Training Peaks enables the sessions to be structured, and easy to follow.

Regular Skype check-ins help to ensure I’m on track, and they are always on the end of a phone/email to answer any queries I may have.  Overall, I can’t recommend RIAK Fitness’ coaching and programmes highly enough.  No matter what your experience, sport, or fitness level, you can only improve and enjoy your training to reach your goals, by working with RIAK Fitness.