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Video Swim Assessments

There is a plethora of literature out there on how to improve your swim stroke.  But how do you know what to change if you have no idea of how you swim at the moment?  At RIAK Fitness, our video swim assessments will provide you with a clear image of your current swimming habits and all the tools you need to improve.

Structured as a squad swim session, each athlete will benefit from a quality coached swim session, a detailed analysis of their swim technique and a plan for addressing any issues identified.

One-by-one each athlete is rotated out of their training lane into the filming lane.  Here we will take footage of their swim technique from a variety of different angles, including underwater.  We will take this footage away with us, analyse it and produce a detailed report for the athlete to review.

The report details any identified technique issues, what effect they are having on the athlete’s efficiency and a progressive set of drills to incorporate into their training to assist with addressing the issues identified.

Each athlete will also receive a copy of their footage along with our commentary on the same.

Once armed with their footage and our report, each athlete should have the tools they need to improve their own swim technique.

When are the sessions?

At the moment, video swim assessments are on hold due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.  We will update this page as soon as we have more information on when we will recommence these sessions.

Ordinarily, we seek to run sessions on the last Sunday of each month.  However, please note that because we have to rent out the entire pool due to safeguarding and data protection regulations, we do need a minimum of 3 participants for the session to run.

IMPORTANT – Participants must be able to swim at least 200m continuously prior to attending.  Please complete an Athlete Questionnaire before you book.  Without a completed questionnaire, we’re afraid you will not be allowed to participate.

Owing to the fact we have to pre-pay for the pool in advance, we’re afraid that once booked, we cannot offer any refunds should you no longer be able to attend.


The sessions take place at Oasis Leisure Centre near Holborn.

Review – Oli

Despite swimming regularly for most of my life, I knew there were aspects of my stroke that needed tweaking.  The vast knowledge on display during the session regarding swim technique was evident throughout and the report I received was incredibly in-depth.  Their analysis picked out an array of areas that needed attention and made me realise the amount I could work on to really improve my stroke.  The breakdown of every aspect of my stroke, explanations of the effect on each, and drills to address issues means I’m now far more informed on how I swim.  Easily one of the best investments I’ve made to development my sporting ability.”

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