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Cycle Seminars

We are extremely proud of the content that we have been able to create through our Cycle Seminars.  These sessions involve a speaker with experience or expertise taking participants on a ‘deep dive’ into a particular subject.  The seminar is always accompanied by an endurance/active recovery turbo set via RGT Cycling the immersive virtual training platform, but we also don’t object in the slightest to people joining just the live seminar feed and leaving the cycling for another time.

This page is a library of of all of the recordings of Series 1 and Series 2 of our Cycle Seminars, which covered an array of subjects including, ‘Treating your mind as a muscle’, ‘The importance of strength and conditioning training’, ‘Why men and women should train differently’ and many more.

The recordings below are hosted by YouTube but are not publicly available.  Therefore, please DO NOT SHARE the links with anyone.  Ultimately, sharing the links with others will devalue the membership you have paid good money for, so let’s keep it in-house people!

The content of these recordings is the property of RIAK Fitness Limited and the relevant guest speaker, however, any opinions disseminated in the recordings are the opinions of those individuals and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of RIAK Fitness Limited.  Any suggestions given in the videos should never be interpreted as an alternative to seeking specific expert or medical advice, we are just trying to help!

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