Follow our riders as they demonstrate in emphatic fashion that E-racing is for all!

The Mission

The primary mission of the RIAK E-racing team is to develop an avenue to encourage female riders into racing via a route that is devoid of ego, jargon and arbitrary barriers to entry.

E-racing is incredibly accessible for many reasons but primarily because it is so easy to give it a go.  Simply get your trainer set up, sign up to a race and off you go! It can be that simple and if it doesn’t go well, there’s no 2-hour drive home and no risk of crashes. You can simply hop off the bike and think no more about it!

We decided to embark on this project because over the course of the winter we were keen for some of our triathletes to try E-racing in order to improve their anaerobic power.  However, we soon discovered that there was a real dearth of women’s races and a distinct lack of competition in the few races there were.  This annoyed us because there was no issue getting our male athletes racing.  So we decided to try and do something about it!

How we are supporting the team

We are providing full coaching support to six carefully chosen riders as they build towards the start of the E-racing season, which typically begins in October.

We have chosen riders whose backgrounds and experience levels we hope will demonstrate that it doesn’t matter who you are or how confident you are, you can have fun and enjoy competition at any level.

How you can support the project

A big goal of the team is to create a community around the training and racing that helps to facilitate women into E-racing and bike racing in general.

Here are just a few ways you can get involved:

  • Follow the team and our riders on the team’s dedicated social channels and help to spread the word;
  • Join us! We are supporting six riders but there’s no reason you can’t join the RIAK team as an unsupported rider.  Details on how to join the team can be found in the ‘Community’ section below;
  • Race against us! We don’t care as long as it gets female riders racing and we want as much competition as possible, so bring it on;
  • Emulate us – check out the ‘Our Support For You’ section below where you can find a FREE 12-week E-racing plan and a whole bunch of training resources to help you build the confidence and fitness to try your first E-race.


Meet the team!

We have chosen our riders carefully to represent a broad spectrum of backgrounds and experience levels.  Amongst experienced riders and racers, we also have riders who have zero E-racing experience and riders who are new to cycling full-stop.

This broad spectrum of abilities, ages and experience levels is exactly what we were looking for in a team and already we have seen how this spectrum of backgrounds can provide a source of inspiration to someone who might not have seen themselves or someone like them represented before.


Agnelle is our youngest rider but as she says herself, 'from past experience I’m well aware of how off-putting racing and e-racing can be for beginners like myself, so the team’s inclusivity from the outset has further inspired my confidence in the project.'

For us, she is a fantastic example of the type of person we wish to inspire because Angelle makes the point that she has, 'frequently thought about entering races but been put off by low confidence and limited female involvement.' By fostering a community around the RIAK E-racing project, we as a team hope to help others traverse that line in the sand.

She now has the opportunity to inspire other young riders who might have considered trying bike racing and one of her primary goals is 'as a young woman, I hope to encourage others in my age group to get into cycling through “accessible” means, showing we’re not an isolated demographic and you don’t need to have started cycling and racing from childhood, or at a fully pro level to get started'.

You can follow Agnelle via the team's social channels or on her personal social channels:
Instagram: @agnelledj
Strava: Agnelle Davies-Jones


By trade, Sarah is a triathlete but coming off the back of a lay-off due to serious injury, she has fallen upon E-racing as a fantastic opportunity to have fun and become competitive again as quickly as possible.

Whilst an experienced triathlete, Sarah has limited E-racing experience and so our goal is through her, to illustrate how E-racing can actually compliment other training and racing objectives. In this instance, build the strength and power demanded by short-course triathlon.

Nonetheless, Sarah's primary goal by joining the team is synonymous with our other riders in that she wants to, 'continue building a community of female athletes and to raise awareness around female participation in bike racing.' This is why Sarah has joined the team and we are excited to help her get back to fitness and compete both on the triathlon course and on the E-racing scene.

You can follow Sarah via the team's social channels or on her personal social channges:
Instagram: @itssarahsout
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ssoutoul


Chantal's background is as a triathlete competing in her first Ironman event this year, which is doubly impressive considering she didn't even own a bike 5-years ago!

She has commented to us that one of the reasons she came to endurance sport later in life is because she didn't see anyone like her competing in cycling or triathlon.

As she says though, 'the world is changing and I see this project as being a great way of raising the profile of women in cycling, in particular e-sports, and having the chance to be part of that is incredibly exciting. Five years on I'm proud to say I'm training for my first IM event and have fallen in love with cycling and really want to show other girls and women what is possible!'

You might not think E-racing is compatible with long-course triathlon but it really can be. As an off-season focus, E-racing is a fantastic and fun way to help develop anaerobic power. Put simply, build that strength, then add in the endurance as the triathlon season nears and you will be in a fantastic position to hit the start line flying.

You can follow Chantal via the team's social channels or one her personal social channels:
Instagram: @thisis_mendes
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Chantal.mendes


Laura is a former international level javelin thrower with multiple British champs victories and a 4th place in the Commonwealth Games. Her pedigree as an athlete is assured but can she apply that prowess, dedication and talent to E-racing? ...we've seen her numbers and can confirm she absolutely can!

Alongside using her profile to inspire other female athletes into the sport, Laura herself is seeking support and guidance as she hopes 'to bring the training experience of a seasoned athlete and enthusiasm of a novice to the team!'

We think Laura is a fantastic example of someone who is unafraid to take a risk and we hope her story demonstrates that you can be a phenomenal athlete but even so, we all need a bit of help and guidance at times and a community such as that around the RIAK E-racing Team makes no judgments because it is there to help everyone.

You can follow Laura via the team's social channels.


Caroline is one of our more experienced riders with a background in Cyclo-cross and some fantastic results at Masters level. She has also won some big E-racing series and it is our hope that Caroline's experience will help our less experienced athletes transition into the E-racing scene and help lead the team.

For Caroline, the motivation is to be part of a team after racing solo for some time as she has loved racing with other female riders in previous E-racing series. She remarked to us recently about previous E-racing team experiences, 'we had never met in-person but worked together to achieve some great results. I would gladly take part again in something similar!'

Caroline is a fantastic source of cycling knowledge and we are excited to have her helping the team and hopefully, continuing her own push for big results.

You can follow Caroline via the team's social channels or on her personal channels:
Instagram: @caroline_b_25
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caroline.reuterbouteiller
Twitter: @creuter2575


Probably the team's most experienced E-racer, Wendy is one of our team leaders and a rider keen to share her knowledge and experience with others.

Her motivation:
'I think what I can bring to the team is my own experience as a way to support others to hopefully inspire and motivate women to enjoy racing and to grow as a rider while doing that. It can be scary on the start line with a bunch of boys. It would be great for other women to see the Riak girls out there doing it, and think 'wow maybe I can do that too', and be inspired to give it a go.'

We are really glad to have Wendy on the team and look forward to seeing her help guide our less experienced riders whilst hopefully pick up some top results for herself!

You can follow Wendy via the team's social channels or her personal social channels:
Instagram: @norseandsouth
Strava: Wendy (WonderWheels) Gallagher


Be a part of the journey!

Whilst RIAK can only provide coaching support to six riders, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the team! Plus, it’s free to join a race on RGT so you won’t need to pay a penny to race with us!

Joining the team as an uncoached member is simple:

  1. Set yourself up with an RGT account;
  2. Head to the team page on RGTDB and request to join;
  3. Don the RIAK avatar kit on RGT; and
  4. Add ‘RIAK’ to your username in RGT.

Our only requirement of course is that you are a female rider.

If after a few races you enjoy racing with us and would like to become more closely involved with the project and the core team, we’d love for you to get in touch.  Either drop us an email at [email protected] or contact us via one of the team’s social media channels.

Social Channels


Bring it on!

The RIAK E-racing Team will begin their season in earnest from October.  However, some of our riders are already racing.

As we build towards the start of the season proper, you can find them racing on a Wednesday evening alternating each week between two race series, both of which can be found in the RGT events calendar.


Time to prepare

Everything about our E-racing project is intended to be inclusive.  That is why we have made one of our best selling training plans available for FREE!

So if you are looking to prepare yourself for the upcoming E-racing season to race with or against (we don’t mind!) the team, our beginner’s 12-week E-racing plan would provide a fantastic foundation for doing so.

And that’s not all, below you will find a whole host of FREE training resources, including training articles, KNOW HOW videos, Jargon Busters and more!

All we ask in return is that once you have downloaded the plan, you tag the team in any social media posts regarding your training and support our goal to show the world, that anyone and everyone can get involved.

To download and use the plan, you will need:

  1. a Training Peaks account (a free basic account should suffice); and
  2. a turbo trainer which is either a smart trainer/bike or a basic trainer with a power meter on your bike.