Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

– How do I ask questions during the session?

There are a number of different ways and we really encourage you to make use of our coaches, helping you is what they’re there for!

  1. Unmute yourself in the session during a rest interval and ask away!
  2. Use the chat function in Zoom and the coach will pick up your question and do their best to provide an answer at an appropriate time.
  3. Respond to the email circulating the link to the coaching feed in advance of the session and the relevant coach will seek to answer your question during the session.
  4. If you would like us to explain/demonstrate specific exercises in more depth, the coach will always stick around at the end of the session for up to 10-minutes.
  5. If you think you need more time than the session allows, you can book a consultation with one of our coaches. Head to the Personal Training page for details on how to do that.

– Do I have to share my camera during a session?

No, but it really does help our coaches to be able to see how everyone is getting on and if needs be, build on the points they are making or intervene if they see someone is struggling. It also helps them with the flow of the session and make sure they’re not going to fast. 

– How do I book onto sessions as a member?

All member bookings are taken through the Members Area. Once you have purchased a membership, log in using the username and password created during purchase and head to the relevant booking portal in the Members Area.

– Can I book on to single sessions without membership?

Sure can! Head to the Booking page and scroll down to below the timetable and use the appropriate booking portal.

– Can I try before I buy?

Yep! We offer a FREE 1-month trial, so you can try everything RIAK ONLINE has to offer before you decide whether to take up membership.  There is no obligation when taking advantage of the free trial and you will not be asked for any payment details. It’s on us!

Alternatively, if you head to the different services pages, there are also a few free on-demand sessions you can try.

Are there any additional benefits to membership?

There are tonnes of additional online training resources in the Members Area. These include:

  • on-demand swim, cycling, run and strength workouts;
  • access to all our super informative Cycle Seminar recordings;
  • Know How demo videos;
  • fitness calculators; and
  • much more!

– How do I cancel my RIAK ONLINE membership? 

To cancel your membership, you can do so simply by emailing us at [email protected] at least 14-days before your next membership payment is due.

Online Coached Cycling Sessions

– Can I still join coached turbo sessions without a smart trainer or power meter?

Yes! There is the low-tech ‘Tech-no’ sessions where all that is required is some form of static bike and the live coaching feed.

You can also still join any of the smart trainer sessions even if you don’t have the fancy kit.  As well as power targets, the coach will always describe each interval according to Rate of Perceived Exertion, this simply means an effort out of 10 (10 being a full sprint).  The coach will also share their RGT screen on the coaching feed so you can see how the session is progressing.

– Do I need a premium RGT subscription to join the sessions?

Nope, all that is required is the basic free subscription.

– Do I need a paid Zoom subscription to join the sessions?

Nope, all that is required is the basic free subscription.

– How do I know if my turbo trainer will work with RGT?

For any questions about RGT set up, please head to their Support & Help pageUnfortunately, we cannot help with your tech set up in a session, however, there is a video on streamlining your set up on our Cycling page.

– What tech do I need to run RGT and Zoom?

For any questions about RGT set up, please head to their Support & Help page.

For any questions about Zoom technical specifications, please head to the Zoom website.

Online Run Club

– How do the Run Club sessions work?

The best thing to do is to head to the Run Club page for full details.  In a nutshell though, join the live coaching feed on your phone making sure you have headphones either already attached or close to hand and the coach will lead you through the warm-up and activation exercises.  They will then give you time to get out on the run.  Take your phone with the live coaching feed still running and you’ll have the coach in your ear throughout leading you through the session!

– What if I’m nervous about my level of fitness?

The Run Club is designed to be completely inclusive, so please don’t worry about your fitness. We’ll look after you and the coach is there to adapt things for you if you don’t think you can handle the session as set. Just let them know and they will ensure you have a plan you can cope with.

– Do I need a paid Zoom subscription to join the sessions?

Nope, all that is required is the basic free subscription.

Online Strength & Workout Classes

What equipment will I need?

For some of our sessions you don’t need any kit at all!

For the ones that do, you can use items from around the house. This video below provides a few ideas.

Otherwise, a couple of sets of dumbbells, a long resistance band and a miniband would be ideal.

Are there any sessions that don’t require any equipment?

Yes, try our Bodyweight Circuits session or our Take It To The Floor session requires very little equipment.

– What if I’m nervous about my level of strength or fitness?

You don’t need to be super fit to do any of our sessions and if you really struggle with an exercise, please do let the coach know as there will almost certainly be an alternative exercise you could be doing. The same goes if you have an injury, which prevents you from doing an exercise comfortably.

If you are a touch unsure about your level, we recommend joining our Take It To The Floor session as a starting point. It is a shorter and lighter session, which will enable you to get your bearings before trying any of our higher intensity sessions.

– Do I need a paid Zoom subscription to join the sessions?

Nope, all that is required is the basic free subscription.