Group & Corporate Bookings

The past year has presented a number of challenges when it comes to maintaining our mental and physical health.  However, one of the major positives has been the development in online conferencing services, which now allow us to run really high quality group sessions without clients leaving their homes.  We offer exclusive corporate bookings because we believe it is in every employer’s interests to assist their workforce in being mentally and physically fit as to put it in a mercenary way, a happy healthy worker is a productive worker!  It’s also essential for employers to keep employees engaged and identified as a homogenous group to foster intra-company relationships.  We feel this works best if employees have something else in common to talk about other than COVID!  How better to foster comradery within a business than communal post-workout aches and pains?!

At RIAK ONLINE we are specialists in running group online sessions and the thing that really makes us different?  Our coaches are there to actually coach! We have multiple ways customers can seek advice from our coaches, which don’t necessarily involve them unmuting themselves and asking questions in front of their colleagues.  We therefore hope no one feels like a lemon guessing their way through a session as we are always there to help and look after participants.

What do we offer?

Workout Sessions

We offer a broad array of strength & workout sessions and would happily develop a specific session to suit you and your colleagues.  Sessions can be light or high intensity, require kit or be bodyweight focused.  In short, we are used to adapting and there’s almost always an alternative exercise should someone not be able to perform a particular one, for whatever reason.

Head to our Strength & Workouts page for a flavour of how our sessions work and the types of workouts we offer as a default.

Coached Cycling Sessions

Many businesses have cycling clubs or at least a keen bunch that just want to improve their fitness.

Our speciality is running coached online turbo training sessions but really, we can create cracking sessions for anyone with some form of static indoor bike.  Our turbo classes work for everyone in that we set them according to power for those with smart trainers joining over RGT Cycling and we also set the intervals according to Rate of Perceived Exertion (i.e. out of 10 how hard the effort should feel) for those joining the live coaching feed without access to power data.  The long and short of it is we can offer very inclusive sessions, so it is not a requirement that everyone have the latest kit.

Check out our dedicated Coached Turbo Training page for more information on how our sessions typically run.

Coached Run Sessions

There has been an explosion in the amount of runners out there, which is fantastic to see! However, one thing we are also seeing a lot of is people getting injured from building their running up too fast, or training in an unstructured way and going too hard too often.

Our coached run club sessions are very simple, we join the coach for the warm-up, activation exercises and for the briefing on the running set. We then all go perform the run as instructed and join back up at the allotted time for the cool down, stretches and core exercises.

So if you would like to help your colleagues improve their fitness and stay injury free, or if you are all training for the same event, our run club sessions are perfect for facilitating a group sense of achievement!

Head to the Run Club page for more detail on how the sessions work.

Health & Fitness Seminars

Our popular Cycle Seminars cover a huge array of topics relevant to athletes and those trying to take control of their exercise.  Most notably, we have covered topics such as:

  • how to structure your training to achieve consistency;
  • balancing your training with life’s other stressors and treating your mind as a muscle;
  • the importance of proper fuelling and hydration;
  • how the menstrual cycle affects female athletic performance;
  • online bike workshops; and
  • many more!

Have specific topics you would like your colleagues to develop greater knowledge of? If it’s within the remit of one of our Affiliated Coaches or our vast network of fitness and medical professionals, we’ll get it set up for you.

Check out the topics we have covered in our Cycle Seminars for a few ideas of the types of topics we could cover in your own bespoke seminar series.

Other Group Sessions

Have another form of group session you would like us to run for you? Hit us with your ideas and we can figure something out!

Next Steps

If you’re keen to get cracking or would like to know a little bit more about how things would work, please drop us an email at and we will come back to you or arrange a call to discuss further.