Online Strength & Workout Classes

There are tonnes of online workout providers out there, so what makes us different?  Put plainly, we are here to coach.  This means our sessions are all interactive, so you can get the advice you actually need and answers to the questions that will genuinely help you train smarter and achieve greater consistency.  The logic is simple, if we can improve your knowledge base and help you to make sensible decisions when it comes to your exercise/training, the more consistent you will be and the more of our classes you will come to!!

Each session type is different but the common theme is that all our sessions focus on building functional strength, muscular balance and improved mobility.

We also do not use tonnes of equipment.  This means that all of our sessions can also be joined from home online with minimal fuss and a bit of resourcefulness. 

What equipment do you need to join online?

Some of our workout classes don’t require any equipment at all, but for the sessions that do, the below will generally be sufficient. You will receive further guidance on what kit is needed when the coaching feed link is sent out shortly before each session:

– a heaver pair of dumbbells for doing leg exercises, such as squats, lunges and deadlifts

– a lighter pair of dumbbells that you can lift above your head for upper body exercises

– a miniband such as this one from Sundried (check out our social media where we regularly post discount codes)

– a set of resistance bands of varying strengths

– some form of stool or chair

What if I can’t get hold of some of this equipment?

That’s not a problem, you just might need to be a bit innovative and identify things around the house that you can use SAFELY to perform exercises.

To give you a few ideas, why not try this FREE Around The House Workout!

no equipment strength session

Session Types

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Joining our sessions

Step 1: Purchase RIAK ONLINE membership or sign-up to a no obligation 1-month FREE trial

Step 2: Download the Zoom app (only a FREE account is required)

Step 3: Book onto a session via the booking portal in the Members Area

Step 4: Use the links in the email circulated shortly before class to join the session




  • Pool sets with coach briefing videos
  • Audio swim sets for open water swimming


  • Live coached online cycling sessions
  • Smart trainer and non-smart trainer sessions
  • On-demand sessions


  • Live coached run sessions
  • Have the coach in your ear throughout
  • On-demand sessions


  • Live coached strength classes
  • Learn why S&C is so important
  • On-demand sessions