Online Turbo Training

Our turbo session timetable and session types have been developed to work as a well-balanced and challenging training plan.  Every session is also completely interactive with a professional coach leading you through the session, discussing specific training topics and answering your questions whilst you ride.

There are plenty of cycling studios and online plans out there, but in our opinion, nowhere else provides a purposeful training structure plus the real-time in-session advice of a coach whom you can tap for knowledge.  This is a unique offering and a big part of our motivation has always been to educate athletes on how to train smarter, keep life in balance and achieve consistency. So, we invite you to exploit this and bring your questions along!

Examples of topics we cover during our sessions include: explaining what the energy systems are and how to structure your training to manipulate them; the importance of proper fuelling and hydration; the benefits of an optimal cadence; and anything else riders want to discuss!


– You will need a smart turbo trainer/bike or a suitable power meter and turbo trainer combo (please visit the RGT website to check compatibility).

– We use an immersive virtual training platform, RGT Cycling, to host and bring the session to life.

– All sessions are professionally coached via a live interactive Zoom video feed – bring your training questions, because alongside leading you through the session, it’s what we’re there for!

Every session is structured towards a specific training objective and/or energy system.

There’s no need to worry about how to structure your training week – hit each type of session (V02max, Threshold, Endurance etc.) over the course of the week, remembering to include adequate recovery, and you have a well-balanced cycling plan on a plate!

No further subscription purchases necessary – all you will require is the free basic RGT and Zoom app accounts to join.


Every Wednesday at 6:30pm, we run a FREE coached workout on RGT, which is one of our Push The Limit Sessions (see below).

To join:

– download RGT and Zoom;

– create yourself a free profile for each (you do not need a premium subscription for either to join our sessions);

– head to the events calendar in RGT and scroll until you see our Wednesday evening session;

– sign up to the event and you’ll also find the Zoom joining details are in the event description; and

– join the RGT session and Zoom feed a few minutes before the session and you’re ready to go!


The answer is, ABSOLUTELY!  Whilst our sessions are best enjoyed via RGT Cycling’s immersive virtual training platform, if you don’t have all the fancy kit you can still enjoy a quality coached training session.

Whenever we are approaching a new interval, the coach will always give instructions as a percentage of FTP but also tell you how it should feel in terms of effort out of 10 (10 being a full sprint).  Training according to this ‘out of 10’ effort is called the Rate of Perceived Exertion scale and it is a perfectly legitimate metric to train by and in some instances, actually preferable to working with power or heart rate data as you will be working at an effort appropriate to your condition at that moment in time.

So it’s simple, if you don’t have a smart bike/trainer, all you need to is sign up to a session, join the live coaching feed and we’ll make sure you have a cracking session!

Session Types

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Joining our sessions

Step 1: download the RGT Cycling app

Our online sessions leverage the immersive virtual training platform, RGT Cycling.  If you have a compatible smart turbo trainer / smart bike and would like to join the session on RGT, you will need to download the RGT Cycling app and create yourself a profile.  Only the FREE basic RGT subscription is required to join our sessions, so there are no ancillary costs to you.

If your turbo trainer or indoor bike is not compatible with RGT, you do not need the RGT app and can simply join the live Zoom coaching feed (see below).

Step 2: Booking onto a session

Once you are ready to join a session and have checked the Timetable for when your chosen session is on, it’s time to book!

There are two ways to gain access to our sessions:

1) purchase a RIAK ONLINE membership (see below) from our Webshop and follow the booking instructions you will be provided with; or

2) go straight to the Turbo Training Booking Page (see below) and book onto and pay for a single session.

Please note, booking for all sessions closes 1-hour before the relevant session start time.

Step 3: Join a session

Shortly after booking has closed (1-hour before session start), you will receive an email with links to the RGT session and the live Zoom coaching feed.  Click those links and they will open either the RGT or Zoom apps and take you to the correct session page.


Tips on how to optimise your RGT and Zoom set up

What our clients say

Over the course of three months training with Rich/RIAK, I have seen marked increases in all metrics, whether technical (VO2max/FTP) or performance-based (e-race wins). A 21W FTP bump from 2/3 sessions a week over a few months is only half the story, with high-level technical advice, well designed dynamic workouts, and a friendly smile to boot! Cheers Rich!

George C

Great studio space and range of facilities. Recommend the online turbo classes, all customised to your cycling ability and each focusing on a particular part of your cycling.

Matt M