Cycle Seminars – Series 2



Improve your endurance fitness whilst becoming a smarter athlete with our Cycle Seminars!

In each episode we take a ‘deep dive’ into a particular subject with an accompanying bike workout that will enable you to build fitness but remain at a level at which you can still retain information.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email containing a link to a webpage from which you can stream the seminars and download the accompanying workouts. Renting this series will provide you with 6-months access to all the episodes below.

Please note, in order to perform the accompanying bike workouts, you will need access to a training platform compatible with running .zwo files e.g. RGT or Zwift and upload the files to that platform separately.

Series 2

Episode 1 – ‘Achieving consistency’

The endurance athlete’s never ending challenge, to achieve greater consistency.  In this seminar we seek to provide you with a few tools and some advice on common hurdles athletes often face in achieving greater consistency.

Episode 2 – ‘Understanding your data & key training metrics’

WTF do all these metrics mean?! In this episode, we seek to answer that question for some of the key metrics you will come across on training platforms such as Training Peaks and Strava.

Episode 3- ‘Training zones and the body’s energy systems’

Did you know the training zones roughly relate to shifts in how your body produces energy? Learn more about the training zones, how they delineate and what goes on in your body through this seminar.

Episode 4 – ‘Mindset – The mind and its impact on performance’

Mindset can be everything! In this seminar we discuss the effect your mindset can have on you achieving success.

Episode 5 – ‘Defining ‘perfect’ – Understanding the ideal swim stroke’

Swimming is all about rhythm and efficiency. But how can you achieve that if you don’t know what you’re aiming for when it comes to improving your swim stroke.  In this seminar, coach Matt seeks to broaden your understanding of the swim stroke and what the ideal stroke looks like.

Episode 6- ‘Bike workshop’ with professional mechanic, Mark Akers

Chaotic, entertaining but incredibly helpful! That’s how this seminar was described immediately afterwards by some of the attendees.  Mark is a former mechanic for track world record breakers, Team Huub-Wattbike and in this session he provides a whole host of bike maintenance tips starting with the most basic stuff and building on that to tell you the tricks pro mechanics use to make even the simplest jobs like changing an inner tube that bit more simple.  There really is something for everyone in this seminar.

Episode 7 – ‘Optimising training around the menstrual cycle’

Building on the seminar in Series 1 regarding how men and women should train differently, this seminar seeks to take that one step further and provide some tips on how female athletes might with to approach their training at different times during their cycle to optimise performance and improve consistency.

Episode 8 – ‘Performance nutrition’ with Viki from Viki Nunn Nutrition

Food is your fuel! In this episode Viki provides expert advice on how you can make smart nutrition decisions to improve your fuelling.

Episode 9 – ‘Running mechanics’ with the London Running Physio

Running is the most high risk of the triathlon disciplines and requires the most discipline in terms of training approach and recovery.  Scott from the London Running Physio lends us his expertise in how to manage things to mitigate the inherent risks of structured run training.

Episode 10 – ‘How do I know when I’m recovered?’

A question that seems like it should be obvious but can in reality, be a complex balance between logic and ego.  In this session we demonstrate some tools and provide advice you can use to bring a smidge more objectivity to decided whether you’re ready to go again.