Cycle Seminars – Series 3



Improve your endurance fitness whilst becoming a smarter athlete with our Cycle Seminars!

In each episode we take a ‘deep dive’ into a particular subject with an accompanying bike workout that will enable you to build fitness but remain at a level at which you can still retain information.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email containing a link to a webpage from which you can stream the seminars and download the accompanying workouts. Renting this series will provide you with 6-months access to all the episodes below.

Please note, in order to perform the accompanying bike workouts, you will need access to a training platform compatible with running .zwo files e.g. RGT or Zwift and upload the files to that platform separately.

Series 3

Episode 1 – ‘Why low intensity training is so important’

Grasping why high intensity training is important is simple, it helps make you stronger. But many athletes don’t fully appreciate why the longer easier miles are so key to success.  In this session we explain what happens in your body during low intensity training to make it so beneficial.

Episode 2 – ‘Relationship between HR and power’

Aerobic decoupling or cardiac drift might be recognisable terms but in this session we explain how your heart rate zones are linked to your power zones and what it means if that link is broken or starts to separate.

Episode 3- ‘Returning from illness and jury’

Probably one of the most common areas in which we see athletes making mistakes.  In this session we provide our top tips for returning from a lay-off and how you can avoid such lay-offs in the future.

Episode 4 – ‘The impact of structured training on mental health’

Exercise is always a positive thing when it comes to your mental health right? Not so! A well structured approach to your training can be great for your conditioning but if not approached with the right attitude, can become another layer of stress on top of everything else.

Episode 5 – ‘The importance of hydration’

We all know it’s important, but what is going on in your body when you dehydrate.  In this session we explain all and emphasise smart hydration habits.

Episode 6- ‘Post-session recovery’

Consistency is key and how you recover after a session can have a direct impact on your ability to be ready to go again when the time comes.  In this sessions we discuss some important aspect of recovery after a tough session.

Episode 7 – ‘Rider profiling’

How do you train if you’ve no idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are?  Rider profiling is a method of characterising you as an athlete and informing you of what type of sessions would help you focus on the areas in need of development.

Episode 8 – ‘The complications of creating a multi-sport training plan’

Covering the fours disciplines (swim, bike, run & strength) is simple in theory but as soon as you start to consider some key variables, suddenly the plan can get very very complicated. In this session we talk you through our approach to multi-sport plans and how you can make sensible decisions about your own training to keep your consistency.

Episode 9 – ‘Race nutrition’ with Total Endurance Nutrition

This is a fascinating session led by our training partners at Total Endurance Nutrition.  In this episode they go into depth about how much carbohydrate you can consume over the course of a race, what types would work best when and some other tips on approaching your race day fuelling.

Episode 10 – ‘Race planning resources’

You can do all the training in the world but if you don’t have a sound race strategy it can all fall apart very quickly.  In this episode we run you through a few key resources you can use to prepare a strategy for your next event.