Cycle Seminars

Join us on a Thursday evening for a lighter turbo session where the focus is on KNOWLEDGE.  Each week a speaker will ‘deep-dive’ into a subject and cover it in much more detail than we are able to in our other sessions.  The seminar is always accompanied by an endurance/active recovery turbo set via RGT Cycling the immersive virtual training platform, but we also don’t object in the slightest to people joining just the live seminar feed and leaving the cycling for another time.

Topics include such things as: nutrition (general and race day), minimising energy wastage (aerodynamics, mechanical efficiency etc.), the effect of the menstrual cycle on female athletic performance, the importance of strength & conditioning etc. Please check our social media for a heads up on what topics we’ll be covering.

These sessions are intended to be interactive, so please do bring your questions along and be prepared to unmute yourself.  We also kindly request that you avoid muting your video if at all possible because sessions are far more engaging when the speaker(s) is able to engage visually with participants and see how information is being received. It’s also just nice for them not to be talking at blank screens!

Thanks and we hope you enjoy the seminar!