Online Turbo Membership

£15.00 / month with a 7-day free trial

  • Monthly subscription to all our live online turbo classes
  • First week is FREE!
  • Attend 2 or more sessions a week and you’ll be paying less than £1.73 per session!
  • Access to all our online training resources, which includes training articles, cycle seminar recordings, fitness calculators and more
  • Leverages RGT Cycling’s immersive virtual training platform
  • Full coach interaction via Zoom
  • Every session is structured towards a specific goal or energy system
  • Essentially a perfectly balanced cycling plan on a plate!
  • No further subscription purchases necessary


The RIAK Fitness studio is London’s only multi-sport and endurance athlete training studio.  Our in-studio turbo training sessions were the first part of an ambition originating over 4-years ago. Online turbo membership  is now the second part of that ambition.  Our goal has always been to develop a business that could run in-studio sessions alongside an online operation.  Where riders had the option of joining sessions either from the studio or from the comfort of their own home and both benefiting from the same blend of professional informative coaching with the added motivator of training as part of a friendly inclusive group.

Examples of topics we cover during our Threshold, VO2max and Endurance sessions include: explaining what the energy systems are and how to structure your training; the importance of proper fuelling and hydration; the benefits of an optimal cadence; and anything else riders want to discuss!

With this membership you can enjoy the benefits of our online Turbo sessions and training resources, which include:

  • Full coach interaction via a live Zoom video feed – bring your training questions, because alongside leading you through the session, it’s what we’re there for!
  • Every session structured according to a specific training objective or energy system and managed over RGT Cycling’s immersive virtual training platform.
  • No need to worry about how to structure your training week – hit each type of session (V02max, Threshold, Endurance etc.) over the course of the week, remembering to include adequate recovery, and you have a well-balanced cycling plan right there!
  • No further subscription purchases necessary – all required is the free basic RGT account to join our sessions.

As an online member, you will also receive full access to our online training resources, which can be found in the Members Area.  These resources include:

  • a catalogue of training articles covering a range of topics, including articles on balancing training with your mental well-being, guidance on approaching your nutrition, stretch routine videos and much more;
  • a Jargon Buster page that helps to unravel some of the often unnecessarily complex terminology you might come across in your swimming, cycling and running exploits;
  • all of the recordings from our popular first series of Cycle Seminars; and
  • a Tools & Calculators page with some helpful resources, such as a Run Pace Calculator, V02max Calculator and Critical Swim Speed (CSS) Calculator.

For just £15pm you will be entitled to join all of our online turbo sessions, including our monthly full performance testing sessions.  To put that into perspective, attend two sessions a week and you will effectively be paying £1.73 per session! For professionally designed and fully coached sessions, that’s crazy value!

Things to check before purchasing your membership:
  • Before purchasing your membership, we strongly recommend heading to our Turbo Training page to get a sense of how our turbo sessions run and to learn more about the different session types.
  • Take a look at our studio Timetable to discover when our turbo sessions are on.
  • If you are not familiar with RGT Cycling, please head to their website to check trainer compatibility, how to get set up with their platform and to download the RGT app.
How to book onto sessions:
  • Firstly, check out the studio Timetable, so you can see when our sessions are on.
  • Once you have bought an Online Turbo Membership subscription, your confirmation email will include log in details to enter the Members Area, you will need to head there each time to book onto a session.
  • Once in the Members Area, scroll down to and click on the ‘RIAK ONLINE – Turbo Membership‘ booking portal.
  • Select the relevant session time from the schedule and follow the booking instructions.
  • Please note, booking for all sessions closes 1-hour before the start of the relevant session.
  • Shortly after booking closes, you will receive an RGT sign-up link and a link to the live Zoom coaching feed.
Payment & Cancellation

By purchasing this subscription, you will be charged on a monthly basis from the date of purchase.

To cancel your membership, please email and provide at least 14-days notice before your next billing date. If you do not inform of us of the cancellation, your subscription will continue reactivating each month regardless if you cancel in the ‘My Account’ area.