E-Racing: The London League – Series Membership


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We are linking up with the new immersive training platform RGT Cycling to launch an exciting 6 event E-racing series.

Our objective with these races is to create a Friday night pub atmosphere, with an emphasis on the social alongside the turning and burning of turbos.  We’ll have drinks and munch laid on, you just bring your ‘quadzillas’ and filthiest cycling chat!

Whilst the racing will be competitive and riders stacked against each other relative to their FTP in watts per kg, the emphasis will be on creating a fun and social atmosphere with the spectators standing directly behind the racers cheering them on.

The best bit is, if you lack racing experience, this is the perfect way to start.  Because we are racing on the trainers over a simulated course, anyone can race anyone and no one gets left behind. All that happens at the end of the race is we step off the bikes, grab a drink and some food and carry on the good time!

The races will be short and sharp with each event involving more than one type of race to test riders in a number of capacities.  There will be points and prizes for individual race positions and a series winner awarded to the person that accumulates the most points over the course of the series.  Each event will also have an RGT sponsored ‘Go Beyond’ prize for the person that most surpasses their own boundaries.

Series Membership

This series membership will entitle you to a guaranteed spot at each of our 6 races.

RGT Cycling

RGT Cycling is a virtual reality cycling simulator that is available for PC, Mac and Apple TV.  It is used in conjunction with iOS and Android Apps and supported training hardware.

Users from around the world are able to Go Beyond and connect, ride, race and train together in a virtual reality that recreates the captivating culture of real-world cycling.

Spearheading the virtual fitness revolution, RGT Cycling has a unique set of features such as Magic Roads which enable users to ride any road, anytime, anywhere.

Race dates:

Race 1 – Friday 3 April @7pm

Race 2 – Friday 1 May @ 7pm

Race 3 – Friday 5 June @ 7pm

Race 4 – Friday 3 July @ 7pm

Race 5 – Friday 7 August @ 7pm

Race 6 – Friday 4 September @ 7pm