Team Liv – 7-week Turbo Package


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Join the adventure! Team Liv and RIAK Fitness have come together to prepare a 7-week progressive indoor cycling programme.  In short, our goal with these sessions will be to accumulate quality training volume at or around your aerobic threshold.  Our prime intention being to raise this tipping point, so you can ride harder for longer.  And as those that came to the taster session hopefully experienced, our objective at RIAK Fitness is for these sessions to be coached, and not solely about conditioning.  We will have key learning points we would like to impart along the way and would strongly encourage you to bring any questions with you.

  • Purchasing a 7-session package will entitle you to 7 consecutive weekly sessions attending the exclusive Team Liv session.
  • The first 6-weeks will focus on progressively building strength and fitness.  Then in the 7th week, we will test you again to determine just how well you’re progressing.
  • Weekly sessions will be on a Wednesday @ 7:30pm.
  • The first session for which this package will be available is 11 March 2020.
  • Therefore, buying a package will enable you to attend 7 consecutive Wednesdays from 11 March 2020.

Please note, there are only 11 packages available.  Therefore, if once you have bought a package you become aware that you are not be able to make a session, please let us know as soon as you can so we can open that session spot up to someone else in the club.  Whilst we cannot guarantee to do so, if given enough notice, we might be able to put you on another of our sessions to make up for the session you cannot attend.

Once you have purchased your package option, there is nothing further for you to do other than join us on Wednesday 11 March.  We will then assume you will be attending each subsequent Wednesday for the duration of your package unless you tell us otherwise.

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