Total Workout



In this 10-session series of coached workouts, we diverge from our normal approach and strip down the coaching element of the sessions and focus on presenting a short and dynamic set of challenging workouts.

Each session is between 30-40-minutes long and whilst there is still a really great coaching element, teaching you correct set-up etc., the focus is very much on keeping the session moving and hitting all the key areas an endurance athlete needs to focus on.  This includes, building hip stability, glute activation, mobility and muscular balance.

This series sessions would be a fantastic accompaniment to a well-balance cycling or triathlon plan, particularly if the athlete is time crunched or perhaps doesn’t enjoy strength training an enormous amount but knows it’s important.


At the beginning of each session we talk you through what you will need for that session but typically, you will need some of the following:

– a lighter set of dumbbells or similar weights for upper body exercises

– a heavier set of dumbbells or similar weights for leg exercises

– a miniband (like this one from Sundried you can enjoy 30% off with the RIAK discount code [see RIAK ONLINE page for an up-to-date code])

– a longer resistance band and ideally, a door anchor for that band

– a stool or chair


If after completing the series, you feel you need some extra help and a tailored training plan or personal coaching experience, please head to the RIAK Coaching page, have a browse and get in touch!


Upon purchasing this series, you will receive an email containing a link to a dedicated webpage from which you can stream the coaching videos and download the accompanying training plan. You will have 6-months access to this webpage.