Triathlon Training Camp 22-29 May 2021 (Deposit)


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Let’s face it, 2020 is the worst year in living memory! And we all thought 2017 would be the worst it could get, with multiple terrorist attacks, disasters, the death of many of our most loved celebrities and the election of Trump!  What we are offering you here is an opportunity to tell 2020 to ‘do one’, press the reset button and take the 2021 race season by the balls!

Our 2021 Triathlon Training Camp already has us giddy with excitement because we know that it offers something unique and is guaranteed to be one of those holidays you will never forget!

Base camp will be a wonderful cycling B&B called Serre Des Ormes in the Hautes-Alpes in Provence…France.  It is honestly paradise! The Meouge valley in which the B&B sits is absolutely stunning, plus, this area pretty much guarantees sun in May!   

What the package includes:

  • 7-nights’ accommodation – there are 2 twin/double rooms and 1 group room sleeping up to 4;
  • Breakfast including fresh eggs plucked straight from the bum of the B&B’s own chickens (yes, we know science);
  • Evening meals sat outside on the terrace with free flowing wine and home baked cakes for 6 of the nights;
  • A group meal out the other night (not included in the price below);
  • All your training sessions planned out and coached (see further details below);
  • Group transfer from Marseilles airport to the accommodation;
  • Included in the price is bike transport from the RIAK Fitness studio to Serre des Ormes, so you wouldn’t need to pay to take your bike on the plane or lug a bike through the airport;
  • The B&B isn’t far from the base of Ventoux, and the plan would be for a supported ascent on the Friday (all things being well);
  • A 15m pool for practising drills or cooling down after a session/sunbathing;
  • A secure garage for the bikes, kit etc; and
  • There is a nearby spa facility, which could be nice for anyone desiring some post-session treatment (not included in the price below).

The price of the camp is £995, which does not include flights.

The location

Serre des Ormes is less than 2-hours from Marseille airport, which is the nearest airport or 1-hour 45-minutes from Aix en Provence TGV.

Here is the location on Google Maps:

The package does not include flights but when checked on 19 August 2020, it looks like they would probably cost around £115.

The training

The camp is predominantly designed as a triathlon training camp but we would happily accommodate any single discipline athletes as well 😊.  Regardless, every camp session is planned taking into account who is coming, their experience level and current fitness. This is why we haven’t provided an arbitrary itinerary upfront.  You WILL be challenged, but no one gets dropped and everyone is looked after.  Our approach in this respect is unique as the camp itinerary will be built to suit the athletes that are coming, rather than an arbitrary plan with athletes trying to work out what they can and cannot handle.

Another thing to note about how the camp will run is that at RIAK Fitness, we are big on educating athletes and explaining why we do certain types of training.  You only have to join one of our studio sessions or Cycle Seminars to understand that for us, we are all about helping athletes to become better at looking after themselves and achieving consistent high-quality training volume.  Therefore, we would encourage you to view this camp not only as an opportunity to get super fit and have a bloody good time, but also as an opportunity to assimilate knowledge that will enable you to take your training and racing to the next level!

The camp has been specifically timed as perfect preparation for the triathlon race season starting in June.  The sessions we put on will reflect that timing and so alongside plenty of conditioning work, we will also coach athletes on race strategy, fuelling & hydration, pacing and transition skills.


Swim training is covered, with a beautiful reservoir about 40-mins from the accommodation and in May, it should be warm enough for some proper wetsuit swim training.

Due to the timing of the camp as preparation for the 2021 race season, the swim sessions in particular will include plenty of transition practice and coaching on sighting and pacing your swim efforts.

There is also a 15m pool at the accommodation, which can be used for practising drills and a little bit of technical instruction.


In terms of bike training, honestly, the options are endless! We’ll have challenging cols at our doorstep (including Ventoux about 40-mins away) as well as some flatter roads for conditioning sets.

How the rides will work practically depends on the blend of riders joining the camp. We will almost certainly warm up together and then if needs be, split off into appropriate sized groups.  However, one of the things we will spend a bit of time explaining to everyone at the beginning of the camp is how training zones and their corresponding energy systems work.  This will help everyone understand the purpose of each of the sessions we will be doing and importantly, that on the longer low intensity rides it is perfectly fine to ride at an easier effort in order to keep the group together because the high intensity sessions are when the stronger riders can be let off the leash!  Lessons such as these are principles we hope athletes will be able to take away with them and incorporate into their own training and club rides.


The stunning roads and challenging cols for cycling are often the main attraction for camps such as this but it should not be overlooked just how great an area it is for running! It should be nice and warm but not too hot in May, so morning runs on the trails will be an absolute delight!

Just think about it, being able to run as a group along secluded mountain trails one day, then the next performing structured conditioning sets around a lake in the sun followed by a dip in the water to cool off.  Honestly, it makes us feel whimsical just thinking about it!


Strength training for endurance athletes is one of our specialities as a business and it would be remiss of us if we weren’t also teaching you the importance of strength training and injury prevention on this camp.  That is why we will also be providing equipment and instruction for group strength sessions by the pool!

It’s your holiday!

The camp will be well planned and structured but it will also be your holiday. So it will not be run like a detention camp! We will provide a cracking itinerary but if you don’t have the energy to do it all or fancy a bit of time doing your own thing, do not hesitate to tell us.  We want everyone to get what they need to out of this camp, so never be afraid to tell us how you’re feeling.  You can do as much or as little as you wish!

All in all, we can actually guarantee this camp will be epic!  It’s a unique adventure and because the numbers are small, you will be well looked after and have a coach at hand to answer any of your questions and generally ensure things run smoothly.

Room allocation

At Serre des Ormes there are 2 twin/double rooms and 1 group room sleeping up to 4.  This means we can accommodate 8 people, so make sure you don’t dilly dally too long before securing your spot!

The twin/double rooms will be prioritised for those booking in pairs, on a first come first serve basis. So, if you are a solo traveller, please anticipate that you will likely be sharing a room with other wonderful and hygienic athletes.

Booking your spot & paying the deposit

If you are keen to secure your spot on the camp, all we need from you at this point is a £100 deposit.

The remaining £895 is payable at least three months in advance of the camp, so by 22nd February 2021.

Once you have secured your spot on the camp with the deposit, we will be in touch with further details and how to pay the remaining amount.

Should you have any questions about the camp, please do get in touch with us at