Video Swim Assessment – Tri London Payment




How do the sessions work?

Structured as a squad swim session, each athlete will benefit from a quality coached swim session, a detailed analysis of their swim technique and a plan for addressing any issues identified.

One-by-one each swimmer is rotated out of their training lane into the filming lane.  Here we will take footage of their swim technique from a variety of different angles, including underwater.  We will take this footage away with us, analyse it and produce a detailed report for the swimmer to review.

What do you receive in terms of advice and help in improving your stroke?

The report mentioned above will detail any technique issues identified, what effect they are having on your efficiency and a progressive set of drills to incorporate into your training specifically to try and address the issues identified.

Each swimmer also receives a copy of their footage, which is marked up with our commentary so you can see first hand the issues we have identified and in certain circumstances, we will also indicate in the video how you can improve e.g. where your hand entry should be in relation to where it is currently.

Once armed with your report and copy of your footage, you will have the tools to know how to work on improving your own technique. The rest is up to you!

Location: Cally Pool & Gym

Time: 8:00pm – 9:30pm [we will start exactly on time so please be changed and ready to go for 8pm]