Personal Training

We have some wonderfully knowledgeable and experienced trainers working with us at RIAK Fitness.  If you’ve ever been to one of our Cycle Seminars you will have experienced first-hand the breadth of expertise they cumulatively hold.

Tanya, Sophie and Rich (find out more about each on the About Us page) all come from an endurance sport background, which means they all have a keen focus on functional strength, muscular balance and mobility.  Beyond this though, each has their own philosophy and way of working, which means we always ensure that all new clients are set up with the right match for them.


We love our gym area because it offers clients a very personal setting to train in.  So if you are relatively in-experienced or do not like big gym environments, our studio could be perfect for not only training you to meet your objectives, but also to do it in a manner that makes you feel comfortable and more likely to be consistent in your training.


With COVID-19, the training landscape has changed with a lot more people training from home and making use of online training assets.  At RIAK fitness, we have sought to adapt to this new environment and now offer an online element for almost all our services.  Personal Training is no different with each of Sophie, Tanya and Rich all offering online PT.  We performed online PT sessions throughout Lockdown and were pleasantly surprised ourselves at just how effective the sessions were.

The important thing to note is that you would not need bundles of kit or heavy weights.  A few key items and a bit of innovation and we can train you effectively without you even leaving your front door!


Single In-studio Session: £60

Single Online Session: £45

Block of 6-sessions: £306 (£51 per session)

Block of 10-sessions: £450 (£45 per session)

What next?

If you are interested in learning more about our Personal Training services, please either drop by the studio outside of our class times, or alternatively, please send your enquiries to Info@RIAK.Fitness, telling us a bit about yourself, your objectives and when best suits you to train, and we will arrange a consultation call with you.

Other Services

Dynamic Screening & Strength Plan
(£80 for both screening and 8-week plan)

Want to build some strength and stability but don’t wish to commit to a full personal training relationship?  Our fully tailored strength programmes could be the solution.

As with our PT clients, we begin the process with a consultation to ascertain your goals and level of experience.  We then conduct a dynamic screening and strength tests, which involve a few movements and assessments to ascertain your stability, range of mobility and inherent strength.

In the final part of the session, we will run through key exercises we think should be included in your strength plan to ensure you know exactly what you are doing once in receipt of your strength plan.

A Dynamic Screening and 8-week strength plan costs £80 and after your initial 8-week plan, further plans are available for £30 per block, however, we really recommend a repeat screening every two blocks to determine progress and reassess your objectives.

To book your Dynamic Screening and discuss your needs, please drop into the studio outside of class times or contact us at

Coach Consultation
(£25 for a 30-minute Zoom call)

Our sessions are all interactive and we encourage participants to bring their questions with them and we will always do our best to answer them in the time available.  However, sometimes there simply isn’t enough time to properly cover a topic or perhaps you would like a bit more of a steer as to how to focus your training to achieve your goals  Our Coach Consultations are there for when you need a bit more coach time.

To arrange your Coach Consultation please send your enquiry to and we will come back to you with an appropriate time for a Zoom call.

30-minute consultations cost £25.

Gym Drop-ins
(£7.50 per session)

We have all the essential weights and equipment that you could need for a cracking workout!  Hit the squat rack, get rid of some angst with a slam ball or simply enjoy a weights session in a clean and safe environment.

All our equipment is cleaned immediately after use and we only allow one person to train at a time.  As a result, you will essentially have use of your own private studio!

There’s only one catch with the drop-in gym use. To be eligible, you must either be a RIAK Fitness PT client or be following one of our strength programmes.  The reason for this is we need to be sure that you know how to perform exercises with proper form.  We are unable to provide advice whilst you are using the gym (albeit we will be there in a supervisory capacity and we do like to chat) and so we need to be satisfied that you know what you are doing.

To book a drop-in session, head to the Drop-in Sessions Booking Page.

"Rich has been instrumental in helping me to lose over 3 stone and drastically improve my fitness and sense of well-being. I had previously been very active but with a busy career, had fallen well off the wagon. Rich not only has provided me with excellent training plans and coaching (as would be expected) but what really marks him out is his mental support and his help in making me focus on achieving my goals while being understanding and practical about life's commitments. Rich helped me develop clear goals and helped me realise that my own health should be a priority in life. He has then continued to support me throughout all my training and is always there with advice and support. So cheers Rich - I really genuinely owe you an awful lot!"

George F.Personal Training Client

Sophie has been an amazing PT, helping me to find my motivation and enjoyment of working out. By understanding my needs, including exercises that I like doing as well as introducing me to new things, she’s not only helped me achieve my goals but has also given me the push to make changes to my lifestyle for good. Can’t recommend enough!

George S.Personal Training Client

I started PT at Riak earlier this year when lockdown eased as I was a bit reluctant to return to a full gym, but the COVID precautions in the studio are very thorough and I have always felt very safe. The sessions have been great, challenging me just the right amount and I have really benefitted from some direction in my training between sessions. Rich is very accommodating of my schedule and offered a number of flexible solutions for me to continue training when restrictions tightened again in November, which was great to continue momentum. I am already starting to see the results and looking forward to more progress in 2021.


I joined RIAK Fitness for PT sessions with Rich after recovering from a recurring injury. I was eager to find out where I was going wrong and to get back to a good level of fitness. Rich went through my routine with me, assessed my overall fitness ability, and put together a great programme. After two months of training, I’m seeing improvement in strength, balance, and overall fitness. Rich’s sessions are always challenging (and fun!) and I’ve learnt how to train more effectively and safely. Highly recommended.