Run Club

Our friendly and inclusive run club is a real passion project of ours.  We are determined to help runners of all abilities achieve consistency and stay injury free by teaching them the fundamentals of smart run training.  Running is a common cause of sports injuries and whilst a remarkably simple discipline, often one that people are most unsure about approaching.

Our Online and In-person run club is designed not only to help you improve your fitness but to teach you how to achieve consistency, which ultimately, is the primary factor in seeing you develop as a runner regardless of your goals.

Club Runs

Monday Night Online (6pm)

Monday evening’s popular run session is currently online and coached by Tanya (Coach Profile).  Its appeal lies in the fact it is simply a lovely group of people out there having fun and working hard.

Eventually this session will return to an in-person session whilst retaining the online option for those that cannot make it to the studio.

How it works

Sign up and join Tanya via Zoom for the warm-up and activation of key muscle groups before you head out on your run. Each session has a specific focus and during the warm-up, Tanya will set out the structure for your self-led 20-minute interval session. Runners will then re-group on Zoom at 6:30pm for the core section of the session, followed by a cool down.

Friday Evening Group Run (6:15pm)

Rich runs the in-person Friday evening session (Coach Profile).  We meet at the studio and then head out on the group warm-up run to wherever we will be performing the main interval sets.  Don’t worry if you’re not super confident in your fitness, the pace of the group warm-up is very sociable and no one gets left behind.  Once we arrive at the training location we’ll do a pre-main set that will be about getting people going before the intervals get going so don’t worry either if you’re a quickie, you’ll be warm before we get cracking!

This session has a largely tempo focus (roughly 5k to half-marathon pace) but beyond that, we like to mix the interval lengths and distances up.  We might even throw in some hill reps!

There are three main locations we use, although we reserve the right to spice things up!

– Around the studio complex using a 1km loop;

– The Emirates Stadium; and

– The hills around or the perimeter path of Highbury Fields.

All are within 5-10-minutes of the studio.

Joining our sessions

Step 1: Book onto a session

There are two ways to gain access to our sessions:

1) purchase a membership  from our Shop and follow the booking instructions you will be provided with (AVAILABLE SOON); or

2) go straight to the Booking Page and book onto and pay for a single session using the appropriate ‘Single Session Booking‘ option from the drop-down.

Please note, booking for all sessions closes 1-hour before the relevant session start time.

Step 2: Join a session


Shortly after booking has closed, you will receive an email with a link to the live Zoom coaching feed.  Open the email on the device you have Zoom downloaded on, click the link and it will open the app and take you to the correct meeting page.

Download Zoom here


If it is your first time attending the studio, there are a couple of things to note:

1) You will need to fill an Athlete Questionnaire in advance of attending the session.  Unfortunately, we cannot allow anyone to join that hasn’t filled in a questionnaire; and

2) You will need to be familiar with our Staying Safe Rules.

Please note, we leave the studio at 6:15pm on the dot, so please arrive in time to store your bags etc. in the studio and be ready to train.

Athlete Questionnaire
Staying Safe Page