Performance Spin Classes

Our spin classes are a fantastic new addition to our repertoire and we’re super excited to be able to share them with you.  We are a specialist cycling studio, so you know they’re going to be the nuts and you’re going to get a high quality session!  We want these sessions to be totally inclusive though, so our goal is to not only help you get fit but also to educate you in how to train intelligently.  We strip away all the cycling jargon but make sure you know what you are doing and most importantly, why you are doing it.

These sessions are not like your stereotypical spin class in that we don’t perform hundreds of sprints with lasers and badly mixed club tunes.  Our sessions are structured towards a specific goal and if you attend consistently, you WILL see big fitness benefits.

We currently have 6 bikes in the studio to ensure we comply with social distancing requirements, so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment!

Sessions are 45-minutes long, during which we’ll take you through a warm-up, main set of intervals, cool down and we’ll also show you a cracking stretch routine you can use after all of your bike or run sessions.

Joining Online

If you have an indoor bike at home which is not compatible with RGT for our Turbo Sessions or are simply looking for a low-tech and jargon free session, joining our spin classes online could be perfect for you. Sign up for the online session and we’ll send you a link to the live coaching feed, so you can join our in-studio class from the comfort of your own home and enjoy a professionally coached and specifically structured session.

Joining Our Spin Classes

Step 1: Fill in an Athlete Questionnaire

If you are new to the studio, you will need to fill in an Athlete Questionnaire in advance of your first session.  Unfortunately, we cannot allow anyone into the studio unless they have filled in and Athlete Questionnaire in advance.

Athlete Questionnaire

Step 2: Booking onto a session

Once you are ready to join a session and have checked the Timetable for when your chosen session is on, it’s time to book!

There are two ways to gain access to our sessions:

1) purchase a membership from our Shop and follow the booking instructions you will be provided with; or

2) go straight to the Booking Page and book onto and pay for a single session using the appropriate ‘Single Session Booking‘ option from the drop-down.

Please note, booking for all sessions closes 1-hour before the relevant session start time.

Step 3: Attending the session


If it is your first time attending the studio, there are a couple of things to note:

Firstly, please make sure you are aware of our Stay Safe Rules.

Secondly, to train in the studio, you will need:

1) a face mask (can be removed once the session starts);

2) a water bottle;

3) a sweat towel; and

4) depending on the weather, dry clothes to put on for afterwards.


Shortly after booking has closed (1-hour before session start), you will receive an email with a link to the live Zoom coaching feed.  Open the email on the device you have Zoom downloaded on, click the link and it will open the Zoom app and take you to the correct meeting page.

Download Zoom here

Drop-in Sessions

Not able to make one of our spin classes? Why not book on to a drop-in session and do your own thing using one of our spin bikes?

Available in 1-hour slots, drop-in sessions are as convenient as it gets. Book in via the Spin Booking Page, pop in at the allotted time and off you go!

We have six Keiser M3i bikes available at any one time and each will provide you with key training metrics such as power and cadence and are compatible with most Bluetooth HR monitors.

Need a session plan? No worries, we have hundreds to choose from. Simply tell us what type of session you are after and we can set something up for you.  It might mean training alone but doing so in a cool and safe training environment with everything you could need on tap isn’t half bad!

To book in, simply head to the Drop-in Booking Page and select the hour long slot that suits you.

Please note, that even for a drop-in session, you must still have filled in an Athlete Questionnaire before attending for the first time.