Staying Safe In The Studio

We truly want our customers to have a great experience in the studio and get the most out of their training.  However, our primary concern is for the safety of our customers and well… our own safety too really.

This is an unprecedented time and we are all doing our best to stay safe and make sensible decisions.  This page sets out what we are doing in the studio to create a safe training environment and also sets out how we would request that you behave whilst waiting outside and once in the studio.

Firstly though, it is likely that on occasion there might be delays to sessions starting due to extra cleaning that might be required or because things have slightly overrun from a previous session for a similar reason.  This might especially be the case for the first few weeks after reopening so we ask for your mercy and please be patient with us. No delays will ever be because we’re being lazy or indifferent, it will be because want to make sure the studio is safe for use and that everything runs smoothly.

What we are doing

The primary things we are doing are ensuring: 1) everything that is touched is cleaned between sessions; 2) there is plenty of ventilation; and 3) that there is space between the trainers, bikes and mats to respect the social distancing rules.

Below are some points regarding what we are doing in the studio to keep you safe and then also some Studio Rules, which we will expect you to be familiar with and follow.  We’re not a big fan of being strict and laying down loads of rules but in the circumstances, hopefully you will forgive us if we’re sticklers for ensuring they’re followed. Eventually, hopefully they’ll become second nature to us all.


  • After every session, we will be cleaning each item of equipment that has been used, whether that be weights, mats, spin bikes or turbo trainers.
  • We will also be mopping the floor where athletes have been training and cleaning the toilets if used.

Social Distancing Measures

  • We will be running sessions at roughly half-capacity to ensure customers have enough space between them when training to respect the social distancing rules, so at least 2m.
  • We will be restricting when and how athletes enter the studio (see studio rules below).
  • We will be restricting the areas in the studio customers can use to limit the areas requiring cleaning.


  • The main door will be kept fully open throughout the session to keep the room ventilated and the fresh air coming in.
  • Fans will be used in some sessions and angled in such a way so as to blow air away from athletes rather than from one athlete towards another. This might mean that the studio isn’t the coolest place on earth and we apologise for that but it’s better than having someone else’s air blown in your face.

Studio Rules

We are not typically a strict bunch but in the circumstances, we have come up with some simple studio rules that we expect everyone to be familiar with and to follow:

Waiting outside to enter

  • We will be restricting when and how people enter the studio – Please do not enter the studio, unless you have been invited in by the coach/trainer taking your session.
  • Whilst waiting outside, please respect social distancing rules and remain at least 2m apart from the other athletes waiting outside.
  • If it is a morning session, please also keep your voices down to respect our neighbours.
  • Please come ready to train.  We do not have changing or showering facilities available so please come wearing the kit you will be training in.

Upon entry

  • Once you have been allowed entry, please enter one-by-one and give each other space and time because there will be things to do upon entry.  The trainer may even manage the inflow of customers if it’s a full class so please check with them if you are okay to enter once the person in front of you has gone in.
  • Upon entry, please use the hand sanitiser that will be available in front of you after entering.
  • For some sessions, you will also be asked to wear disposable gloves, which will also be available immediately upon entering.
  • Everyone must wear a mask upon entry and keep it on until the sessions starts.
  • Once inside, please head straight over to one of the QR code posters dotted around the studio and check in using the NHS track and trace app.
  • On the big screens there will be a studio layout displayed with your name next to the position.  Please go straight to the allotted workout station.
  • If you need to put your bag or any clothes in the kit blocks at the side, feel free to do so but then go back to your workout station.
  • If you need the loo before the session, please wait until everyone is at their station or check with a trainer if it’s a good time to go if there are people that are late.
  • In essence, we are looking to direct the flow of people around the studio to respect social distancing so communication is key, so don’t be afraid to ask anything if you’re unsure.

During the session

  • Please keep your mask on until the session starts.  You can take it off as soon as we get going.
  • Try to avoid touching your face during the session.  If you have long hair, we strongly recommend tying it up before entering and try to avoid wiping sweat away from your face.
  • If you are attending a strength class, please do your best to remain on the mat as they are at least 2m away from each other and so you can be sure you are socially distanced if on the mat.
  • Please do not move any of the mats, bikes or turbo trainers as they will be placed exactly where we need them to be. If there’s an issue with any of the kit, let us know and we’ll deal with it.

After your session

  • Please put your mask back on as soon as the session ends.
  • We love chatting to you guys and it’s a pretty sad thing to ask but as we will need to clean the equipment and relevant areas of the studio, please can we ask that you leave the studio straight after the session has ended. You can continue chatting outside to your heart’s content and in the fresh air whilst socially distanced it would also be safer to do so.
  • As you leave, please dispose of any gloves in the bin by the door and we would strongly recommend using the hand sanitiser again as you leave.

What you can do

The main thing you can do is respect the Studio Rules and show consideration for the other athletes and the coach.  None of us want to be doing this social distancing stuff and it will be weird for a time.  But if we can work together and keep communicating, then we should be fine.

A couple of things to remember though:

  • Come ready to train
  • Check in using the NHS Track and Trace app immediately upon entry
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Keep your distance from others
  • Keep your mask on until the session starts
  • Be merciful if sessions start a bit late or overrun, we’re doing our best!
  • Avoid touching anything that is not for use in the session
  • Avoid wandering around the studio. If you would like to come in for a chat about your training or any of our services, you would be most welcome but it’s best to do so outside of session times
  • Keep talking to us and if you notice anything is wrong or we’ve forgotten to do something, just let us know. We’re all learning how to deal with the current situation so let’s work together!

Most of all, just keep smiling and keep chatting to us and we’ll all have a great session and remain safe!