Audio Swim Sets

Introduce structure and dynamism to your open water training!


Our Audio Swim Sets have been described as a ‘gamechanger’ by swimmers looking for to turn their open water sessions into more dynamic, structured and productive sessions.

Each sessions comes as an mp3 file for upload to your waterproof headphones and suddenly multi-step sets that you never would have had a chance of remembering, can be flown through with minimal fuss and maximum learning!

Within the sessions, intervals are set according to time rather than distance, which makes them perfect for more dynamic and varied sessions.  With a coach in your ear throughout it provides a unique opportunity to practice elements of technique on the move with clear explanation of what you are trying to achieve and why, whilst you are doing it.

Because the intervals are managed on a time rather than distance basis, it massively changes the scope of the training that swimmers can perform and because the coach is in your ear throughout, there’s no faffing around having to check a watch or stop to remind yourself of what you’re meant to be doing next.

These audio sets are designed primarily for open water swimming but can easily be used in swim spas or normal lane swimming with minimal adaptation.