Audio Swim Sets – Now Available For Download!

Have or considering purchasing a pair of waterproof headphones for swimming?  Our Audio Swim Sets have been described as a ‘gamechanger’ by swimmers looking for significant improvements and more direction in their training.

These audio sets are designed primarily for open water swimming but can easily be used in swim spas or normal lane swimming.

Intervals are set according to time rather than distance, which makes them perfect for more dynamic and varied sessions.  With the coach in your ear throughout it provides a unique opportunity to practice elements of technique on the move with clear explanation of what you are trying to achieve and why, whilst you are doing it. Intervals set according to time massively changes the scope of the training that swimmers can perform and because they’re led through it all by the coach, there’s no faffing around having to check the timer on a watch and no guessing when it comes to swimming a certain distance.

Suddenly multi-step sets that you would have had no chance of remembering can be flown through with minimal fuss and maximum learning!

Audio Swim Sets are available to RIAK ONLINE members in the Members Area or a 10 pack of sessions can be purchased from the Audio Swim Set Library.

Briefed Swim Sets

Each week we provide members with two briefed swim sessions they can use at a time convenient to them.  The swim sets are scaled with three options building from around 2,500m to full Ironman distance swim volume.  Everything is taken care of with a fantastic structured swim sets laid out for you but probably most helpfully, each session has its own coach briefing video where the coach will not only talk you through the session, but they’ll also talk you carefully through the technique drills often with video demonstrations, so you know exactly what you need to do and most importantly, why you are doing it!

Briefed sessions are only available to RIAK ONLINE members.  Why not try your FREE 1-month trial now?!

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  • Audio swim sets for open water swimming


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