The RGT Training Platform

RGT Cycling

RGT Cycling is a virtual reality cycling simulator that is available for PC, Mac and Apple TV.  It is used in conjunction with iOS and Android Apps and supported training hardware. Users from around the world are able to Go Beyond and connect, ride, race and train together in a virtual reality that recreates the captivating culture of real-world cycling. Spearheading the virtual fitness revolution, RGT Cycling has a unique set of features such as Magic Roads which enable users to ride any road, anytime, anywhere.

Our favourite thing about RGT is that in order to join our online sessions, all that is required is a free RGT account.

How to get started with RGT

For queries re technical specifications and whether your hardware is compatible, please visit the RGT website and the ‘Get Started‘ and ‘System Requirements‘ pages.  Before trying to join one of our sessions, we strongly recommend having a go at setting up RGT and going for a spin over one of their courses to ensure your set up runs smoothly. This video is a quick demonstration as to how to load up and get going using the RGT app.