Turbo Training

Our turbo session timetable and session types have been developed to work as a well-balanced and challenging training plan.  Every session is also completely interactive with a professional coach leading you through the session, discussing specific training topics and answering your questions whilst you ride.

There are plenty of cycling studios and online plans out there, but in our opinion, nowhere else provides a purposeful training structure plus the real-time in-session advice of a coach whom you can tap for knowledge.  This is a unique offering and a big part of our motivation has always been to educate athletes on how to train smarter, keep life in balance and achieve consistency. So, we invite you to exploit this and bring your questions along!

Examples of topics we cover during our sessions include: explaining what the energy systems are and how to structure your training to manipulate them; the importance of proper fuelling and hydration; the benefits of an optimal cadence; and anything else riders want to discuss!


We are BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike), which means you can ride to us, hook onto one of our trainers and benefit from a professionally coached group session.

As with our online sessions, we use RGT Cycling in the studio and currently have 6 out of 12 terminals available due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Each of our sessions is focused on a specific area of cycling fitness (see session types below) and provides the type of conditioning work that is very hard to replicate on the open roads.

If you are new to using a smart trainer it’s important to know that the variable resistance of each trainer is determined by our session plan and is set as a percentage of your Functional Threshold Power (FTP).  FTP is essentially a metric for your individual fitness and can be set following a short in-studio ramp test or one of our Full Spectrum Performance Tests (see session types below). Long story short, once you know your FTP, you can be sure the trainer you use will be set at the right level to ensure your session is challenging but within your capabilities.

Why come to a turbo session? Well, there are some distinct advantages to being able to train on your own bike in one of our coached sessions:

1) you know your bike fits you so there is no guessing the height of the saddle etc and thereby risking injury from poor set up;

2) because we are BYOB, the training you do in the studio will directly benefit your performance out on the roads or trails;

3) our sessions are focused on developing cycling specific fitness, therefore, if you have a race, sportive, triathlon, cycling holiday or just want to feel stronger on your weekend rides, we have a session(s) designed to help you reach that goal;

4) you have a coach on-hand to ask any of your cycling/triathlon questions and for us, answering training questions and covering topics such as why hydration is important, what the body’s energy systems are etc., is a big part of the enjoyment;

5) training in a group provides a motivating factor that you just can’t replicate training on your own; and

6) training in the studio will enable you to perform the type of high intensity intervals, build sets etc that it is near impossible to replicate whilst cycling on the open roads navigating traffic lights and cars.


If you have a smart trainer/bike or a suitable power meter and trainer combo (please visit the RGT website to check compatibility), you can join our in-studio sessions from the comfort of your own home.

We use an immersive training platform, RGT Cycling, to host our sessions and a live Zoom coaching feed direct from the studio session.  So, if you aren’t able to attend the studio in-person for whatever reason, you can still be a part of the action and reap the benefits:

Fully coached sessions via an interactive Zoom video feed – bring your training questions, because alongside leading you through the session, it’s what we’re there for!

Every session is structured towards a specific training objective and/or energy system.

No need to worry about how to structure your training week – hit each type of session (V02max, Threshold, Endurance etc.) over the course of the week, remembering to include adequate recovery, and you have a well-balanced cycling plan right there!

No further subscription purchases necessary – all you will require is the free basic RGT account to join our sessions.

If you have an indoor bike at home but do not have a trainer or power meter compatible with our Turbo Sessions and would still like to join a professionally coached and specifically structured session, you can do so because all our spin classes are also available online!

Session Types

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Joining our sessions

Step 1: download the RGT Cycling app

Regardless of whether you are joining us in the studio or joining online, you will need to download the RGT Cycling app and create yourself a profile.  Only the FREE basic RGT subscription is required to join our sessions, so there are no ancillary costs to you.

Step 2: Booking onto a session

Once you are ready to join a session and have checked the Timetable for when your chosen session is on, it’s time to book!

There are two ways to gain access to our sessions:

1) purchase an online membership from our Shop (In-studio membership coming soon) and follow the booking instructions you will be provided with; or

2) go straight to the Turbo Training Booking Page and book onto and pay for a single session using the appropriate in-studio or online option from the drop-down.

Please note, booking for all sessions closes 1-hour before the relevant session start time.

Step 3: Join a session


If it is your first time attending the studio, there are a couple of things to note:

1) You will need to fill an Athlete Questionnaire in advance of attending the studio.  Unfortunately, we cannot allow entry to anyone that hasn’t filled in a questionnaire;

2) If you do not know your FTP or if is has been a while since you have done a form of FTP test, you can book onto any of the sessions you wish, and your first session will involve a Ramp Test, so that we can set your trainer to the correct level for you.

3) Regardless of whether it is your first time or you are a regular, we will expect you to be familiar with our Stay Safe Rules.

To train in the studio, you will need:

1) your bike;

2) a face mask;

3) a water bottle;

4) a sweat towel; and

5) depending on the weather, dry clothes to put on for afterwards.

Athlete Questionnaire
Staying Safe Page


Shortly after booking has closed (1-hour before session start), you will receive an email with links to the RGT session and the live Zoom coaching feed.  Click those links and they will open either the RGT or Zoom apps and take you to the correct session page.

Download Zoom here

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