How to perform the session


This series of Strength Endurance run sets are a small sample of the types of sessions we set our athletes to prepare them for higher intensity running.  The sample of sessions below are designed to be progressive, so we strongly recommend performing them once a week, in the order below.

  1. Watch the coach briefing video below, which explains the purpose of these Strength Endurance runs;
  2. Watch the warm-up video and follow the coach as they take you through a number of activation exercises to get you ready to head out on the run;
  3. Have a read of your chosen session plan [Top tip – if you don’t think you can remember the session, write it on your hand or on a post-it note and take it with you]; and
  4. Once you have finished the run, watch the cool down video and follow the coach as they take you through some key static stretches.

An Introduction To Strength Endurance Running


Session Plans

Cool Down

Looking for a more structure or guidance, check out our coaching relationships, on-demand training plans and on-demand video run sessions:

run coaching


  • RIAK Squad Membership – bespoke training plan, regular coach communication and on-going supervision
  • Defined Duration Plans – tailored training plans for the athlete desiring independence
  • Personal Coaching – a fully supervised programme designed for those whose goals are fitness rather than event focused
running coaching


Our ‘on-demand’ training plans library provides an array of short-duration programmes designed for specific purposes.

  • Athlete Reviews – learn more about yourself as an athlete and what your strengths and weaknesses truly are
  • 5k Builder – new to running? Avoid the pitfalls of ramping up your training too fast with this plan designed to help you avoid injury
  • 5k to 1/2 marathon run preparation plans – get to the race injury free and flipping fast! These plans are very clear in their goals.
run coaching


Our on-demand video run sessions provide an engaging and progressive way of developing your run training.

  • Strength Endurance runs – low intensity endurance runs but with high intensity bursts thrown in.
  • Tempo runs – designed to lift your aerobic threshold with efforts set close to 5k, 10k or half-marathon pace.
  • Speed runs – these sessions are all about top end speed and making you a faster runner.