How to perform the session


  1. Watch the Coach Briefed Swim Sets introduction video where we explain how the sessions work;
  2. Have a look at this week’s warm-up and drills set and watch the briefing video and drill videos, the links for which can be found in the warm-up plan;
  3. Choose your distance for the main set and have a read of the session plan and watch the briefing video, the link for which can be found in the session plan; and
  4. Now you know what you need to do and importantly, WHY, write down the session plan and take it to the pool with you.

An Introduction To Coach Briefed Swim Sets

Warm-up & Drills Set

Coach briefing video can be accessed from the links within the warm-up plan.

The same drill set might remain in place for a few weeks. This is to try to ingrain the technique points through repetition.

Click here for this week's warm-up and drills set

Main Set

Coach briefing video can be accessed from the links within the session plan

Looking for a more structure or guidance, check out our coaching relationships, on-demand training plans and on-demand swim sessions:

swim coaching


  • RIAK Squad Membership – bespoke training plan, regular coach communication and on-going supervision
  • Defined Duration Plans – tailored training plans for the athlete desiring independence
  • Personal Coaching – a fully supervised programme designed for those whose goals are fitness rather than event focused


Our ‘on-demand’ training plans library provides an array of short-duration programmes designed for specific purposes.

  • Swim plans with coach briefing videos designed to hone technique or build your swim fitness
  • Athlete Reviews – learn more about yourself as an athlete and what your strengths and weaknesses truly are
  • Pre-season triathlon preparation – build not only your fitness but also your knowledge, so you are more ready for the demands of full-on triathlon training
swim coaching


    • Audio swims – these open water coach led sessions bring dynamism to your open water sessions and enable you to practice key open water skills with the coach in your ear, leading you all the way.
    • Coach briefed swim series – not only are our swim sets awesome from a conditioning perspective but each session comes with its own coach briefing video, so you can hit the pool armed with the knowledge that your session will make you a better swimmer.