12-Week FTP Builder Plan




The Plan

Your Functional Threshold Power is a key cycling metric. It essentially attempts to pinpoint the power output at which your body switches from working with enough oxygen to buffer the build up of lactate and concentration of hydrogen ions in your blood and muscles to working more and more in the absence of sufficient oxygen.

In short, increase your FTP and you will become a stronger cyclist!

This 12-week plan is designed for those that have perhaps had a bit of a lay-off from training or are returning from injury/illness.  Follow the plan consistently and respect the recovery protocols and you will have every chance of becoming a much stronger rider by the end of the 12-weeks!


What you will need?

In order to follow this plan, you will need:

– a Training Peaks account;

– a turbo trainer which is either a smart trainer/bike or a basic trainer with a power meter on your bike; and

– access to some sort of training platform over which to run the sessions. Our recommendation would be RGT Cycling.

We would also recommend purchasing a Training Peaks premium subscription for the duration of this plan to enable you to move your sessions around to suit and so that you can more easily interpret and collate your data in-line with the instructions in this plan.

Otherwise, best of luck with the plan and please ensure you look after yourself and don’t take any unnecessary risks with your safety, health or mental well-being.

Next Steps

  • Firstly, set yourself up with a free Training Peaks account if you don’t already have one – Training Peaks
  • Once you have ordered the plan, you will receive a confirmation email, which will contain a link asking you to add us as your coach on Training Peaks
  • Click the link and add us as a coach and we’ll import the plan into your Training Peaks account
  • Then off you go!