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Are currently or keen to get involved with some E-racing? Then we have a plan for you!

Choose from three different E-racing preparation plans that will help you develop the energy systems and power to be competitive in whichever racing category you fall.  Generally, E-races are categorised according to riders’ FTP in terms of watts per kilo (w/kg).  Typically this works as follows:

  • 1 – 2.4w/kg
  • 2.5 – 3.1w/kg
  • 3.2 – 3.9w/kg
  • 4+w/kg

The Plans

1 – 2.4w/kg (or those without an FTP)

If you are new to structured cycle training or have only recently gained access to turbo training with the use of power data, you might not have an FTP.  Don’t worry, this plan will also suit you as it starts with an FTP fitness assessment that will allow you to set your FTP and consequently, the power zones with which your body’s energy systems will roughly accord.

The goal of this plan is to prepare you for racing, so we do not recommend starting your racing journey until you complete this plan.  The reason for this is you need to develop your body’s ‘gears’.  E-racing involves a lot of variation in effort, with constant speeding up and slowing down.  If you haven’t developed the ability to surge and recover on the move, racing for the first time could be pure hell!

The plan culminates with another FTP test, which will hopefully see that you have improved your aerobic threshold and feel confident you are ready to be competitive in your category.

Assuming you get through this plan without too much issue, our suggestion would be to then move up to the 2.5-3.1w/kg plan as this represents the next level in structured E-racing preparation and will work well alongside your E-racing journey.

2.5 – 3.1w/kg

This plan is designed to work alongside a weekly E-race, with an alternative session to use if you decide not to race.

The plan will steadily introduce you to consistent structured training to develop your supra-threshold power.  This means filtering in sessions dedicated to developing your V02max power and Anaerobic Capacity.  E-races are almost always ridden in bursts with super fast starts, multiple surges as people attack and chase each other down, then if the bunch is still together, the final ramp to a sprint finish.

By the end of the plan, you will have specific sessions targeting the key energy systems required for racing. We also recommend booking onto a Full Spectrum Performance Testing session at some point during the plan.  This will help you discover how well developed your different energy systems are and inform which types of session you should prioritise.

3.2 – 3.9w/kg

This plan assumes you have a good base and are relatively familiar with structured training. We therefore get stuck right into it with specific Threshold, V02max, Anaerobic Capacity and hill rep sessions. With this plan you will be hitting all your bases and should help you shift from being competitive to a contender.

There is a lot of intensity in this plan and so we recommend attending a Full Spectrum Performance Testing session at some point during the plan to discover how well developed your different energy systems are.  This will enable you to determine which sessions you should prioritise in order to take it to the next level, and which sessions you can adapt or skip if you begin to carry too much fatigue.

How the plans are structured

In each of these plans, we employ a 3-4 day cycle of training followed by a recovery day.  This is our typical training plan structure and the premise behind this format is that when you are including a lot of high intensity work in your training week, as you will be with these plans, you need to make sure you are chipping away at accruing fatigue and give your muscles and cardiovascular system time to adapt and improve.  If you struggle to take full rest days, you can incorporate active recovery but this should consist of no more than 1-hour at under 55% of FTP.

We STRONGLY recommend that every athlete incorporate regular strength and conditioning work as part of their training.  We have therefore included placeholders in the plans where we would suggest you perform your strength work to minimise the effect it might otherwise have on your bike training.  If you need guidance on your strength work, check out our Strength pages where you can see the types of in-studio & online strength classes we do, or head to the PT page where you can learn more about our endurance athlete specific personal training and bespoke strength and conditioning plans.

Who is it suitable for?

IMPORTANT: These plans are designed for those looking to compete in E-races, therefore, a lot of the training is turbo trainer based.  You will therefore need either a smart trainer, which provides power data feedback, or more basic trainer with a power meter on your bike.

Please ensure you take time to read the session instructions carefully as some of the sessions are a touch more complicated than might appear on first glance.

For any road rides, please take care and do not take any unnecessary risks for a good result. Your safety is paramount and there will always be other opportunities to challenge yourself.

What you will need?

In order to follow this plan, you will need:

– a Training Peaks account; and
– a turbo trainer which is either a smart trainer/bike or a basic trainer with a power meter on your bike.

We would recommend purchasing a Training Peaks premium subscription for the duration of this plan to enable you to move your sessions around to suit (within the recommendations above) and so that you can more easily interpret and collate your data in-line with the instructions in this plan.

Otherwise, best of luck with the plan and please ensure you look after yourself and don’t take any unnecessary risks with your safety, health or mental well-being.

Next Steps

  • Once you have purchased the plan, you will receive an email from one of our coaches with a link to add them as a coach and a request that you confirm the date on which you would like the plan to start (it needs to be a Monday FYI).
  • The link will open up Training Peaks in your browser and ask you to confirm them as your coach, please do so.
  • Once they have been added, the coach will upload the plan to your account and then remove themselves as your coach.
  • Then that’s it! The hard work is up to you.

Additional information

Plan category

1 – 2.4w/kg, 2.5 – 3.1w/kg, 3.2-2.9w/kg