Strength and Mobility Analysis (with 8-week plan)



So often recurring injuries and postural issues find their source elsewhere than the site of discomfort.  Typically, a lack of joint mobility or a muscular imbalance are to blame.

Our Strength & Mobility Analysis Service includes not only a full run through of the areas of concern, but also provides you with the tools to take matters in hand.

How it works:

  • Upon purchase you will receive instructions on the video footage to obtain, this will include footage of you performing exercises to assess your inherent strength, mobility, flexibility and muscular balance
  • Submit the footage to your coach
  • One of our coaches will then analyse the videos
  • They will then provide advice based on what they have discovered and produce a tailored 8-week strength and mobility plan to enable you to make the requisite improvements
  • The rest is up to you!