• Tri Squad Membership – bespoke training plans, regular coach communication and on-going supervision
  • Cycling Coaching – dedicated coach providing tailored training and support
  • Defined Duration Plans – tailored training plans for the athlete desiring independence
  • Personal Coaching – a fully supervised programme designed for those whose goals are fitness and health focused
  • On-demand Training Plans – short specifically focused plans designed to achieve a short-term goal or tease out an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses

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coached cycling session


  • FREE weekly live coached cycling & strength sessions
  • FREE weekly swim sets with coach briefings
  • FREE weekly on-demand coached run sessions
  • Online training resources including training articles, KNOW HOW videos, fitness calculators and more

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coached workout


  • Short on-demand training plans designed to bridge the gap between you and a particular short-term objective
  • Become a smarter athlete whilst you train with our selection of Cycle Seminars
  • Bring structure and dynamism to your open water swim training with our Audio Swim Sets!

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  • Follow our 6 fully supported riders of mixed backgrounds and experience levels in their journey towards the E-racing season in October,
  • Join us! Our whole goal is to demonstrate how accessible E-racing is for those nervous about trying racing and encourage more female athletes into bike racing in general.
  • Want to give it a go? We have a FREE 12-week beginner’s E-racing plan available to help you get to the start line and mix it with the team.

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