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Our Services

We believe the key to achieving your fitness goals is consistency. At RIAK Fitness we feel the best way to attain this aspiration is helping you to achieve balance in your life; be completely accessible and inclusive; and help keep things straightforward for you. Balance, simplicity and accessibility are the cornerstones of the business and everything we do.

This means all our services are designed to be entirely fuss free, so you have more time for life’s other demands.  We endeavour to make things simple for you, whether that’s simplifying training concepts or providing a clear and transparent service.  Finally, we are all athletes, we just vary in terms of experience. Our goal is therefore to foster an environment that is totally inclusive, devoid of ego and encourages the sharing of knowledge.

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£ 5 - 15


Membership: £15pm
[Available from our Shop]

Single session: £5 per session

Offer: Enjoy a free 7-day trial when signing up for RIAK ONLINE Membership

Performance Spin & Strength

£ 5 - 35


10-session Spin & Workouts Package: £35
[Available from our Shop]

Single sessions: £5 per session

Offer: Encourage a friend to sign up to one of our Spin and Workout Packages and receive a free 30-minute 1-on-1 PT session

Prehab & Run Club

£ 5 - 35


10-session Prehab Strength Package: £35
[Available from our Shop]

Single sessions: £5 per session

Offer: We’ve thrown in Run Club membership for free!

Online Personal Training

£ 30


Please contact Info@RIAK.Fitness to arrange your free dynamic screening and arrange your first session.  For more info, please see our Personal Training page.

Dynamic Screening & 8-week Strength Plan

£ 80


Please contact Info@RIAK.Fitness to arrange your screening.  For more info, please see our Personal Training page.

Training Articles

14th April 2020

Post-cycle/run stretch routine

Here is a stretch protocol to use after any cycle or run sessions.  It pays particular attention to releasing the hips and hip flexors. https://youtu.be/kOrFykX9MAw
17th September 2019

Training Your Energy Systems

Click here to download a copy of the Training Zones chart.
7th February 2019

Recovery Strategies For Your Mind – Part 5: Time Pressure

One of the most frustrating things about fitting in training around work and social commitments is having your favourite break-through session planned for the morning and then realising your assumed…

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