Life is complicated, it’s hectic and it’s exhausting…then you have to somehow fit exercise in!

At RIAK Fitness, our speciality is helping people find balance between their training and the rest of life’s stressors, whilst preparing them to achieve their goals.  We started as a triathlon coaching and personal training business and the principles upon which we began (Balance – Simplicity – Accessibility), still permeate everything we do.

Putting it simply, we offer training programmes and coaching relationships tailored to how an individual’s life works in reality.
We therefore set up our
athletes/clients to have the best possible chance of handling everything on their plate and achieving their goals.

So if you’ve signed up for an Ironman triathlon and aren’t sure how to approach it, or if you are new to triathlon and need a bit more coach advice, or perhaps your goals are more weight-loss and general fitness orientated, don’t worry, we’ll have a coaching relationship or will be able to create a bespoke training plan for you.

For more information about each of our coaching plans and relationships, please click on the thumbnails below.



tri coaching

RIAK Squad Membership


Squad Membership is ideal for those requiring plenty of coach support and have a real desire to learn. To be a RIAK Squad Member, it does not matter what your current fitness or experience level is, we love working with a spectrum of athletes. The only thing that really matters to us is that you are keen not only to build your fitness and speed but to develop your training knowledge. Ultimately, our goal is to give you the tools so you can make sensible training decisions, take responsibility for your own progression and learn how to train consistently, which is always the main driver for progression.

All Squad Members benefit from a fully tailored plan and on-going coach supervision with the focus being on developing them as athletes over the long-term rather than solely for a specific event.
Your coach will prescribe each of your swim, bike, run and strength sessions and work with you to ensure they are tailored to your requirements and scheduled according to how your life works in reality.
With regular coach communication in the form of a monthly catch-up video call or face-to-face meeting, further ad hoc calls when necessary and unlimited email/WhatsApp communication, our athletes are never without support.

One of the major benefits of being a Squad Member is access to the weekly live coached online Squad Sessions. These are in the form of a Strength & Conditioning Workshop on a Tuesday and an online cycling session on a Wednesday. We see these sessions as a vital opportunity to coach Squad Members and disseminate knowledge that will help take them to the next level. They’re also a fantastic opportunity for our athletes to ask questions a grab a quick chat with a coach if needed.

There are some really cool benefits that come as part of the Squad Membership, which include:
~ every Squad Member receives free RIAK ONLINE membership, so they can access all our live and on-demand online swim, cycling, run and strength sessions as well as enjoy access to all our Online Training Resources;
~ each member benefits from x2 online Dynamic Screenings per season to assess their development in terms of strength, muscular balance and mobility and to assist with the tailoring of their strength plans;
~ access to x4 online Full Spectrum Cycling Performance Testing sessions to set benchmarks, assess their characteristics as a cyclist and establish how they are developing;
~ access to x2 Video Swim Assessments to analyse and track their swim stroke development and fitness;
~ each member also becomes part of the RIAK Fitness race team enabling them to race on our behalf in RIAK colours; and
~ invitations to all squad social events.

All of the above is available for £120pm, with 2-months’ notice should the athlete wish to roll off.

We only have a very limited number of spaces left on the squad. To register your interest, please send your enquiry to [email protected] and we will arrange a free consultation call with you.

Tri coaching

Defined Duration Plans

13+ week plans starting from £110

Defined Duration plans are fantastic because they're fully tailored to the individual and incredibly flexible, so athletes can pick and choose what they want in their plan. Typically, they suit people who have big events they want to get ready for such as an Ironman or a Marathon but do not desire a full coaching relationship.

A Defined Duration plan is fully tailored to the individual athlete and their requirements, but the major difference with the Squad Membership is that once the planning and preparation is in place, the athlete assumes full responsibility for their adherence to the plan and the coach falls away.

One really cool additional benefit of purchasing a bespoke Defined Duration plan is that the athlete will also benefit from FREE RIAK ONLINE membership for the duration of their plan! This means for the duration of their plan, they will have access to all of our online swim, cycling, run and strength sessions as well as access to all our online training resources.

One of the few requirements we have is that the plan be for a minimum of 13-weeks, but beyond that, we will do our best to accommodate!

As an example of price, a 13-week plan, depending on the number of disciplines required, would cost the following:
- 4 disciplines (swim, bike, run, strength) £170
- 3 disciplines £150
- 2 disciplines £130
- 1 discipline £110

To learn more or to get the ball rolling on your Defined Duration plan, please drop us an email at [email protected] with your requirements and we will come back to you ASAP to set up a free consultation call.

tri coaching

Defined Purpose Plans

Starting from £65

As the name suggests, these types of plans have a very specific purpose and are usually about finding something out about yourself as an athlete.

A good example of one of a Defined Purpose plans is our 6-week Athlete Analysis & Review programmes. They are designed to help athletes discover what type of athlete they truly are and not just where their strengths and weaknesses are perceived to lie. We all like to label ourselves as it helps us control the image we try to portray of who we are. Maybe we see ourselves as a long-distance athlete, only built for Ironman distance races or long cycle sportives. Or perhaps we don't feel we have the engine for that and instead see ourselves as short-course triathletes or crit racers. Often these labels are simply definitions we apply to ourselves with little or no objective evidence to support the assumptions and it's just where we've found ourselves for various reasons.

Our Analysis & Review programmes are there to help you discover the objective truth and not just in terms of your typical fitness metrics such as FTP or 5k run assessments. We also look to establish things like how good you are in the hills, what your speed endurance is like, or how good you are at pacing efforts without any tech. The key consequences of putting yourself through a 6-week athlete review like this are that it can better inform which energy systems you need to develop for the type of racing you do, what races or events would suit your true strengths, and maybe even which sport you should be concentrating on!

To learn more about each of our Defined Purpose plans or to purchase yours without further delay, please head to the Webshop `{`click the shopping basket icon below`}`.

Personal Training

Personal Coaching


Our Personal Coaching offering works a lot like the RIAK Squad Membership except that it is aimed at those looking to lose weight, tone up or get fit. In other words, those whose goals are not necessarily triathlon or performance related.

The Personal Coaching programme is fully tailored to the client and their goals but typically includes bespoke strength and cardio plans alongside on-going supervision with monthly catch-up calls/meetings. This description might sound a touch vague but to put it simply, if you have a fitness or weight loss goal, as part of the Personal Coaching relationship we will build you the structure you need to achieve those goals.

As part of the relationship, the client will benefit from advice regarding managing their exercise, setting goals, their nutrition or in relation to any other health and fitness topics they require direction on.

One really cool benefit is that RIAK ONLINE membership is included as standard, so the client will also have access to all our online strength & workout classes, turbo sessions, run club sessions as well as access to all our online training resources.

The above is available for £100pm, with 2-months' notice should the client wish to roll off.

personal training

Online Dynamic Screening & 8-week Strength Programme


Want to build some strength and stability but don't wish to commit to a full personal training relationship? Our fully tailored strength programmes could be the solution.

We begin the process with a FREE consultation to ascertain your goals and level of experience. We then conduct a dynamic screening and strength tests, which involve a few movements and assessments to ascertain your stability, range of mobility and inherent strength.

In the final part of the session, we will run through key exercises we think should be included in your strength plan to ensure you know exactly what you are doing once in receipt of your plan.

An Online Dynamic Screening and 8-week strength plan costs £120 and after your initial 8-week plan, further plans are available for £60 per block, however, we really recommend a repeat screening every two blocks to determine progress and reassess your objectives.

To book your Online Dynamic Screening and discuss your needs, please drop us an email at [email protected] and we will liaise with you to arrange your FREE consultation.





Founder & Head Coach

Rich founded RIAK Fitness in 2017 setting up the triathlon coaching business before adding our online training service, RIAK ONLINE in 2021. Rich's speciality as a coach is looking after time poor athletes, helping them to find balance in their lives between training and the rest of life's stressors. Being an ex-city lawyer he is well versed in the challenges of progressing athletically whilst juggling a busy professional life.

As a coach, Rich is particularly strong when it comes to helping athletes improve their bike performance and also places a big emphasis on strength and conditioning in all his athletes' plans for the injury prevention and muscular balance benefits.

Qualifications: BTF Level 2 Diploma, Certified Ironman Coach, Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer

triathlon coach


Affiliate Coach

Matt has a wealth of experience in coaching athletes of all levels. His coaching philosophy is founded on the idea that a coach’s role is to accelerate the rate of improvement for each athlete, whilst enriching their experience in the sport. An engineer by training, his approach is rooted in scientific research, whilst recognising that if we aren’t having fun, we are missing the point!

As an athlete, Matt has 20 years of experience competing as a swimmer up to national standard. He races triathlon up to domestic elite level in the British Super Series and has won medals at age-group national championships, all whilst balancing training with a successful coaching business, a day job in engineering, and a busy social life.

Qualifications: BTF Level 2


Affiliate Coach

Coming from a background in rehab and performance means Tanya has experience helping a wide range of abilities, from elite athletes to beginners. Her specialisms are in posture, hypermobility and strength and conditioning for endurance sports.

Tanya is dedicated to helping athletes achieve their goals and ensuring they enjoy the process along the way. She is an approachable coach who will work with athletes to achieve long lasting change. Tanya is primarily a run coach but in the near future will also be offering triathlon coaching `{`watch this space!`}`.

Along with many personal successes as a runner and cyclist, Tanya has experienced her own setbacks, linked to overtraining and poor biomechanics. She is now more passionate than ever to help others avoid common pitfalls and can empathise fully with the many frustrations that come from falling in and out of training.

Qualifications: England Athletics running coach, Level 3 Personal trainer and Sports Massage Therapist

(30 APRIL – 7 MAY 2022)

  • Based in the idyllic Meouge Valley, Provence
  • Camp itinerary tailored to its guests
  • Each session led and coached
  • Final day ascent of the legendary Mont Ventoux


Previously I have been coached as part of a different triathlon training group, as well as self-coached, and have taken part in numerous triathlons; including several 70.3 races, Ironman Barcelona, and the Celtman Extreme Triathlon.

I’m taking part in Celtman again this year and wanted a more individualised and structured training programme to achieve my goals. The thing I value most about RIAK Fitness’ training is that it is tuned-in and understands what I want to achieve. The consistent structured feedback on sessions, and tailoring the training week to fit in with my lifestyle, is invaluable. Their knowledge and insight into Training Peaks (the platform they use) adds a highly professional element to their coaching, and enables it to be tweaked, depending on training volume, and fatigue. Benchmark testing helps to ensure I’m training to my current fitness levels, and allows sessions to be completed in the correct training zones. As I’m coached remotely, the individualised programmes uploaded through Training Peaks enables the sessions to be structured, and easy to follow.

Regular Skype check-ins help to ensure I’m on track, and they are always on the end of a phone/email to answer any queries I may have. Overall, I can’t recommend RIAK Fitness’ coaching and programmes highly enough. No matter what your experience, sport, or fitness level, you can only improve and enjoy your training to reach your goals, by working with RIAK Fitness.

SamSquad Member

I am very new to triathlon, coming from a running background with an unfortunate injury history. I wanted a coach to help me learn a new sport, keep injury free and maintain a positive work / training balance. I think one of the main things I have learned from Rich is that sport and competing doesn’t have to be stressful! You can still train extremely hard but have a huge amount of fun along the way.

Katie GSquad Member

Rich knows a ridiculous amount! From gruelling run sessions, bike training that makes you weep, to knowing when you've not been stretching! I've never known someone to really know how to use the gym to make such a big difference too in all triathlon disciplines!

Tom C

My training before joining RIAK was to go out and hit each ride/run hard and over time I wasn't seeing any noticeable improvements and in some cases my performance actually dropped! Rich introduced me to proper structured training and I'm very happy with my progress.

Jason KSquad Member

After completing two Ironman races on my own, I felt my training had plateaued. I wanted to start competing rather just completing, and knew to achieve that I had to take it to the next level. Enter Rich to make that happen!

OliSquad Member

You can't beat structured training. Particularly when I'm not performing as I want to or hitting the numbers I know I can, having a coach who I trust and who is setting a programme and I can speak with, reassures me that I might just be having a bad day and actually I'm making progress.

Matt BSquad Member