The Project

The primary mission of the RIAK E-racing team is to develop an avenue to encourage female riders into racing via a route that is devoid of ego, jargon and arbitrary barriers to entry.

E-racing is incredibly accessible for many reasons but primarily because it is so easy to give it a go. There is no 2-hour drive home and no risk of crashes. You can simply hop off the bike and think no more about it!

We decided to embark on this project because during COVID, we sought competition for our female athletes but discovered there was a real dearth of women’s races and a distinct lack of competition in the few races there were. This annoyed us because there was no issue getting our male athletes racing. So we decided to try and do something about it!

The Team

We are providing full coaching support to six carefully chosen riders as they build towards and compete in the winter E-racing season. We have chose riders whose backgrounds and experience levels we hope will demonstrate that it doesn’t matter who you are or how confident you are, you can have fun and enjoy competition at any level.

Whilst we only have the coaching capacity to support 6 riders full time, anyone can join the team and get racing with our supported riders. See the ‘Join Us’ section below to discover how you can train and race with the team.

The 2023/2023 Season

We could not be more proud of the team in their inaugural E-racing season. They have absolutely dominated the standings in the two series we have competed in on Wahoo RGT.

The Women’s Super Cup

Following our inaugural race season, we have taken our contribution to the goal of increased female participation in e-racing up a notch and we are now working with The Online Events Company to create THE preeminent women’s e-racing event. The Women’s Super Cup is a festival of e-racing to be held in January 2024 and will feature a broad array of races that should provide a level of competition whatever a rider’s level.

As the event is only open to amateur triathlon and cycling clubs, we are offering support to any female rider who is not already affiliated with a club.

Interested? Check out the ‘Join Us’ section below for details on how to join the team.

Join Us

Joining the team as an uncoached member is simple:

1) Join the RIAK Racing Team Forum on Facebook to be able to communicate with the team and find out when we are racing next (see button below);

2) If you don’t already have one, create yourself at least a freemium Wahoo RGT account (racing on Wahoo RGT is FREE);

3) Don the RIAK avatar kit on Wahoo RGT; and

4) Get training! Using our free beginner’s 12-week E-racing plan if you wish (see button below).

Our only requirement of course is that you are a female rider!