Train when you want and become a smarter athlete at the same time!


Coaching is what we do and our on-demand workouts are no exception to that purpose.

All our on-demand swim, bike, run and strength workouts are accompanied by some form of in-session coaching designed to teach improved form or to disseminate key training knowledge.

The ultimate goal? To help you become your own coach and make the decisions that will enable you to train more consistently, avoid injury and improve.

cycling kit


If you are in the market for an ‘on-demand’ training plan designed for a very specific purpose, look no further! We have a wide range of relatively short plans that have particular short-term goals in mind.  For instance, Athlete Review programmes to asses your strengths and weaknesses, E-racing plans, couch to 5k run plans, FTP builder plans and the list goes on!


Our ‘Cycle Seminars’ are a fantastic way of becoming a smarter athlete whilst also banking high quality endurance focused training.  In each session one of our coaches or an expert in a particular field takes viewers on a ‘deep dive’ into a particular training subject.  Meanwhile, each coaching video is accompanied by an endurance focused training file, which you can upload to whichever platform you use and spin away on the turbo trainer as you learn. We currently have 3 series of ten sessions to rent, with more on their way!


Introduce structure and dynamism to your open water sessions! Download our library of audio swims and enjoy swim sessions dedicated to improving your open water swim training with a coach in your ear all the way.