Swim Video Analysis & 30-min Coach Consultation



Want to improve your swim stroke but not sure where to begin?

Our expert coaches are ready to help you take a big step forward by analysing your swim stroke, walking you through the results and providing you with the tools to make the improvements you desire.

How does it work?

  • follow the purchasing instructions above to purchase your analysis and 30-min coach consultation
  • head to your local pool and have a friend record video of you swimming (instructions on how to correctly capture the requisite footage will be provided upon purchase)
  • submit your footage to your coach
  • they will then analyse the footage, mark it up with commentary and return it to you along with drills and advice to enable you to take control of your own stroke development
  • you will also be provided with a link to book in your 30-min coach consultation
  • book your coach consultation, at which your coach will run you through the analysis and answer any questions you might have