RIAK Know How – Adapting Your Training To The Heat

Heat like that we are experiencing in the UK at the moment WILL impact your performance and ability to train. It’s important to accept that and adapt your training to mitigate as best you can. In this video, we cover a few ways you can adapt your training to keep your core temperature down. We’ve […]

RIAK Know How – Training On Tried Legs

Training when fatigued elevates your injury and illness risk, particularly if it’s a high intensity session. You don’t have to be a slave to the workout plan if your body isn’t firing on all cylinders. Using the first couple of reps of a multi-set session is a good way of creating a pre-main set to […]

The basics of creating a training plan

It’s a no brainer that hydration is important, but what happens in your body as you dehydrate and lose fluids through sweating? This KNOW HOW video is a clip taken from a recent Monday Assembly live coached group ride on RGT Cycling, in which we led an in-depth discussion into hydration and why it’s so important […]