Cycle Seminars – Series 1



Improve your endurance fitness whilst becoming a smarter athlete with our Cycle Seminars!

In each episode we take a ‘deep dive’ into a particular subject with an accompanying bike workout that will enable you to build fitness but remain at a level at which you can still retain information.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email containing a link to a webpage from which you can stream the seminars and download the accompanying workouts. Renting this series will provide you with 6-months access to all the episodes below.

Please note, in order to perform the accompanying bike workouts, you will need access to a training platform compatible with running .zwo files e.g. RGT or Zwift and upload the files to that platform separately.

Series 1

Episode 1 – ‘Energy Out’

Learn about the forces you must overcome as a rider to move forwards and easy practical (and cheap) ways you can modify your bike set up to make efficiency gains.

Episode 2 – ‘Training to stay injury free’

We all know that we must work hard to get fitter but really, consistent high quality training rather than obsessive training is the key to improving. In this episode we talk through some of the good habits you can employ to keep yourself injury free and maintain that consistency.

Episode 3- ‘Treating your mind as a muscle’

Your brain isn’t a bulletproof organ.  Even for the most relaxed and care-free of athletes, ensuring their mind is given the requisite amount of recovery is incredibly important.  In this episode we talk through some of the ways you can maintain your mental health alongside consistent training.

Episode 4 – ‘The importance of strength & conditioning training’

Endurance athletes are notoriously reluctant to incorporate regular strength training into their plans.  In this episode we explain why strength training is a crucial part of ANY endurance athlete’s plan and how it can help keep them injury free.

Episode 5 – ‘The how’s of cycling apparel’

A fascinating conversation with custom cycling apparel company Milltag on how cycling kit is made and how best to take care of it.

Episode 6- ‘In-session fuelling & hydration’

Such a key topic we come back to time and time again because it can be the aspect of training/racing where the biggest pitfalls are.  You have finite fuel, in this episode we discuss how to keep you going in those long training sessions/races.

Episode 7 – Interview with former Team Huub-Wattbike mechanic, Mark Akers

This is an illuminating insight into the world of the nation crushers that were Team Huub-Wattbike during their world record season on the track.

Episode 8 – ‘Why men and women should train differently’

So much research is conducted on male athletes and then just transposed to female athletes. But women aren’t just small men! In this episode we cover some of the ways female physiology is different to male physiology and how this might impact the way a female athlete approaches her training.

Episode 9 – Interview with inspirational writer and mouth-painting artist, Henry Fraser

The man is a awe-inspiring legend who has turned disaster into triumph.  Henry, a star rugby player and cricketer in the making suffered an horrific injury whilst on holiday with friends.  In this interview, we discuss how Henry’s mindset has helped to turn him into such a phenomenally successful writer and artist.

Episode 10 – ‘Blood test for athletes’

Blood testing for an athlete of any level shouldn’t just be about whether they are in a healthy range or not.  Blood testing should be about achieving optimal biomarker levels and maximising performance.  In this episode we discuss why regular blood testing is wise for keen athletes and how it can help them maintain not only their health but also optimise their nutrition and training approach.

Episode 11 – ‘Nutrition fundamentals’

In this episode we go through a few nutritional basics that for some reason, we never seem to get taught growing up but can make a huge difference to those with weight loss/weight maintenance or performance goals.