Elemental Moves



Weight training can be dangerous stuff!  Particularly for endurance athletes, it can mean an increased injury risk if they lack experience.  Yet rarely have athletes ever been taught the basics of the most important exercises, such as squats, lunges, press ups etc.

There’s no shame in acknowledging that you’ve never been taught to keep your weight in your heels whilst squatting or to keep your hands under your shoulders during press ups. But this is exactly what we hope to solve with this Elemental Moves series, in which we go back to basics and teach you the fundamentals of the key exercises we all use.

Each session is focused on a different exercise or muscle group and we delve into the fundamentals and then seek to build upon that into some of the derivatives of that most basic exercise. The goal is that if we teach you the fundamentals, when you come across a strange derivative of that basic exercise, you’ll at least now roughly where to start.  If we teach you squat basics, you’ll know you still need to keep your chest up and weight in your heel during a  Bulgarian split squat, for example.


Each sessions is around 45-minutes long and covers the following:

Session 1 – Squats

Session 2 – Lunges

Session 3 – Chest exercises (including press ups)

Session 4 – Back exercises (including lat pull downs and bent over rows)

Session 5 – Core (including basic plank set up, how to make planks more dynamic and how to demand of your core with an anti-rotational element)

Session 6 – Shoulders (including press exercises, dips and the importance of rotator cuff exercises)


At the beginning of each session we talk you through what you will need for that session but typically, you will need some of the following:

– a lighter set of dumbbells or similar weights for upper body exercises

– a heavier set of dumbbells or similar weights for leg exercises

– a miniband (like this one from Sundried you can enjoy 30% off with the RIAK discount code [see RIAK ONLINE page for an up-to-date code])

– a longer resistance band and ideally, a door anchor for that band

– a stool or chair


If after completing the series, you feel you need some extra help and a tailored training plan or personal coaching experience, please head to the RIAK Coaching page, have a browse and get in touch!


Upon purchasing this series, you will receive an email containing a link to a dedicated webpage from which you can stream the coaching videos and download the accompanying training plan. You will have 6-months access to this webpage.